… is what I would like to tell my inner child…. Especially after hearing this song on continuous loop for the past month. It’s also my ringtone and sometimes if it’s a friend calling, I let it ring for a long time before answering the call, just to hear the magical lyrics once again.

A random conversation in the office pantry this morning (the awesomest conversations happen here) over coffee had us reminiscing about kite flying sessions. I remember fashioning them out of newspaper and broomsticks… the boys making the manja with powdered glass, sometimes it was scary with blood over the place. And then we would get onto the terraces or the open grounds. And fly them… kites that would open up a flood of emotions… the one that rose the highest and looked like a speck in the sky was a star… the one that cut the most number of its siblings was the bully… and the one that refused to follow the wind despite running along with it for what seemed like miles was the ‘poor thing’… and the one that rose after innumerable attempts was the upstart.

And they came in different colours… the reds, yellows, greens and blues creating a riot in the skies. And little children playing hopscotch below would look up wistfully and wonder when they would grow up and the adults would sometimes leave whatever they were doing and join in, the cries reaching a crescendo as fights spilled over from one neighbourhood to the other.

The last time I flew a kite was with Amrit at the Galle Face Beach at Colombo last year. Once the kite was up in the sky and the hands assumed a steady position, I experienced a strange sense of calmness.

Perhaps, it’s time to go fly a kite once again… And let all the stress and unwarranted emotions fly out out reach, never to surface, again!

Edited to add: This could also be in response to today’s Daily Prompt from WordPress which asks, Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).


9 thoughts on “Go fly a kite…

  1. Your post just brought memories of my childhood, kite flying and kite fight. And the music is wonderful. Yes, lets go fly a kite!

  2. Watching and helping others to fly kites was the most joyous thing I did during school days because I could not fly a kite myself. Each time I tried, it would just refuse to take-off. It needed special skills to make it airborne and I simply lacked it.

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