A Letter to Me – Blogging Challenge Day 6

So, I am lifting an idea from the magazine I edit, which was in fact, the cover story for December. We had asked five women to write a letter to their one-year-younger selves… and was surprised by their responses. So I thought I’d do it too… And in case you guys missed me, the weekend was a break from blogging!

Dear Rekha

The year’s coming to an end… and don’t you wish you could say, what a year it has been! Obviously you can’t say that because you are not the glass ‘half-full’ kind. You worry too much – and even being happy can sometimes be a chore. It’s those little voices in your head that remind you that ‘too much happiness cannot be a good thing’.

Well, you haven’t been overly pessimistic either, rather this year has seen an ‘in-between’ you. Not something on the lines of a ‘fine balance’ but if learning to ignore toxic people and things means a few defining moments, well you’ve had them.

Speaking of voices in your head, 2014 has been a whole lot better than 2013. The panic attacks are now few and far between, and you’ve slipped down the ‘perfectionist’ rung by a notch or two. Now that’s good. Maybe it’s those anti-depressants or maybe not. I think it’s all to do with many months of good stories, retail therapy, carom and Pictionary sessions and some great ‘young’ colleagues.

The best moments of course, has been at the kid’s brother’s wedding where you got to meet a lot of your relatives. That it passed off without incident has really heightened your sense of optimism! Maybe the mega-event you were part of a couple of days before the wedding was more exacting, and this one seemed like a cakewalk. Whatever it was, you emerged stronger and that’s what’s most important.

The sad part was four of your colleagues/friends chose to move onto different pursuits and pastures. Leaving behind a void that’s difficult to be filled. Your sounding boards, your shopping companions, foodies-in-arms… who says you cannot have friends at work? New people have entered your life and the future promises to be good! But the old bonds shall still remain, you cross your heart and hope!

It’s also been a great reading and ‘soaps-viewing’ year for you. You’ve binged on books and Western TV soaps as if there was an apocalypse waiting to happen. Hope you tone down the ‘viewing bit’ in the New Year. For there is only so much of ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Homeland’, ‘Veep’, Elementary’, ‘House of Cards’ you can watch when ‘Sherlock’s’ waiting round the corner.

Ah! You forgot that you turned 40 this year! An important milestone. That passed by without much fuss. Just the way you wanted it to be

As 2015 dawns and will bring with it an empty nest, heartburn and heartbreak, tidings and tribulations, the one attitude that will perhaps keep life going is, “It’s all good!”

Yes, “It’s all good!”

An older Rekha Baala


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