While surfing the Net for something important (I do that once, in a while, the important bit, I mean!) I came across a list of ‘untranslatable’ words. I liked this one very much.

Pochemuchka (Russian) – Someone who asks a lot of questions. In fact, probably too many questions.

Yes, we all know a few of these. So this post is dedicated to all the Pochemuchkas who make life both irritable and interesting. While I am sweet and all, I usually answer these questions in my mind, ‘adding one screw you’ at a time! My imaginary answers are in brackets.

In India
Aunty Pochemuchka: “Aiyyoo, what happened to your hair? Trying to show off, aa?”
(The same as what happened to your dressing sense. For God’s sake, why are you wearing a nightie in the middle of the day and haggling with that poor vegetable fellow?)

Super snoop neighbour Pochemuchka: “So you must have amassed lots of gold, na, being in the Gelf and all?”
(Yes, they hand out gold coins free in Lulu every week, you didn’t know?)

Super distant relative Pochemuchka: “Your son doesn’t look like you or your husband!”
(You didn’t know? We got him from Lulu! )

Super curious neighbour Pochemuchka seeing you step out of the house: “Evidekka? (Where are you off to?)”
(Oh! You didn’t know? They are handing out free gold here too!)

Househelp Pochemuka who makes an appearance only 10 days in a month: “Oru visa ayichu tharuvo? (Will you send me a visa?)”
(Sure, they hand them out too…)

Supposedly family friend Pochemuchka: “Every time I see you, you seem to have gained weight.”
(Yes, Aunty, like your daughter standing beside you, who is ten years younger than me and double my size. Perhaps you should start commenting from home?)

Acquaintance Pochemuchka: “You have been in the Gulf for 17 years. You must be loaded!”
(Thank you for the ‘loaded’ question once again, you sexist!)

Advertising Alec Pochemuchka: “When will it sell? Why will it sell? How will it sell? Where can it sell?”
(And I thought I was the journalist!)

Model Pochemuchka: “I am the best. I am the best. I am simply the best.”
(You know there’s something called Photoshop that we can use to full advantage?)

What would life be without a Pochemuchka to make it exciting? For the intolerable, I have another untranslatable word…

Backpfeifengesicht (German) – A face badly in need of a fist!

(Image courtesy: Google Images)




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