Blogging Challenge – Day 1

Al Fresco

Al Fresco

She couldn’t believe her ears when he asked her to meet him at the ‘pink’ restaurant. They would be dining al fresco. After two years of meeting in cheap, seedy motels and at pit stops away from the city for ‘quickies’, this was definitely a first where epicurean delights would be involved, out in the open! There was no bona fide reason for her affair with the suave, stylish and married politician. But she liked the fact that he was a bon vivant!

But she was no bou ideal… And she didn’t mind being dumped, al fresco… in style! After her Carpe Diem moment, of course. Where she literally seized the meal!

Hola folks. After a long period of hitting a writer’s wall, am bouncing back (hopefully) with the return of the blog challenge with Sushmita of The Dork Life (



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