Childish: Indicating a lack of maturity

# I could go for days without food if I was angry. I still can. But hunger gets the better of me. So I use other tactics.

# I walk… and can do so for hours together. It helps de-clutter my mind and think clearly. It’s akin to kids threatening to run away… even if it was for a short while.

# I throw tantrums if I am ignored. Only with those very close to me. I ignore them for a long time. It takes a while to be okay… and be friends again.

# Sometimes if I want something… it’s like I want it ‘now’. Thankfully, this happens rarely.

# At times, I don’t really want to ‘get’ something. Though I fully understand the maturity of the actions, but still don’t find it necessary to. I want to throw both ‘comprehension’ and ‘maturity’ out of the window.

Childlike: Exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity

# I love getting soaked in the rain (I guess age’s got nothing to do with it!)

# When I am extremely happy, I can jump, sing and dance for hours. (but that’s not happened lately)

# I get along well with kids. (All their secrets are safe with me)

# I am impulsive. I tend to think with my heart rather than my mind.

# I don’t get most of the jokes. (I am innocent that way!)

# I fight with Amrit over a lot of things – TV Time, iPad, Kindle, etc.

# I love it when Amrit tucks me in when I am unwell. (still a kid who was never tucked into bed)

# I hug all my aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces all the time. I am ‘over-expressive’ in my joy.

# And finally, I’d like to think I get along with the 20-somethings in office like a ‘house on fire’.



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