When I was young… I was very much into debates, elocution and extempore competitions (partly owing to my high decibel levels!). A maami who lived in our neighbourhood would often ask me to learn the Bhagavadgita from her. She would say that I had a good voice suitable for ‘chanting’ and would be able to pick up the shlokas very quickly. Her aim was to make me participate in all the Gita competitions. I would smile and then concoct some excuse. One day, she even came home and talked to Appa about it. I refused on the pretext of not having time. Appa, resigned to my disinterest by calling it a ‘defeatist attitude’. And I never thought about it much although some guilt would strike me whenever I would hear Amrit chanting the Gita.

Thirty years later, today, I have started learning the Gita. Subhalakshmi maami, wherever you are, you must be very happy. And, Appa, I am learning to let go of my defeatist attitude.


2 thoughts on “Learning the Gita or lessons in life

  1. When I first went to learn the Gita, my teacher joked about a student reading the first stanza and the last stanza and standing in front of people saying “I know the Gita from the 1st stanza to the last stanza”!! I should take inspiration from you and start reading it too…

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