When I was repeatedly reminded to stand by for the year’s most awaited political interview, I ditched my adamantine hausfrau principles and decided to defer dinner to an hour later than usual. It was obnoxious Arnab overiddlis this evening as I plonked on the couch ready for high decibel levels, constant interruptions and questions that would be longer than the answers.

But I was in for a surprise. The normally loud, rude, interrupting anchor Arnab Goswami had morphed into this BBC/HardTalk kind of journalist asking the right questions and even repeating them without his exasperating self getting in the way.

Rahul Gandhi actually looked like he was facing the Spanish Inquisition. Poor guy, he tried his best not to look miserable. At one point it looked like there was some serious editing being done, the answers totally out of context with the baba refusing to look the anchor in the eye and no screenshots of both together.

It was a simple interview. There were only three lessons in Rahul Gandhi’s syllabus – RTI, women’s empowerment and youth. The number of times ‘women empowerment’ was used would make any woman not want to be empowered by the Congress party.

Uttarayan maybe long over, but there was some serious kite-flying happening in THE most-awaited interview. Sample this:

AG: You have not shown the political will to ensure action is taken against Ashok Chavan?RG: We believe in the RTI, we are responsible for it.

AG: What do you think of Arvind Kejriwal
RG: He is the leader of a political party?

AG: How do you handle criticism?
RG: RTI, women’s empowerment, youth…

and yada, yada. Rahul has this thing with women (those dimples, I tell you!) And mama mia, what’s mama going to say?

So what happened? Times Now TRPs have soared, Narendra Modi got atleast 15 minutes of prime time in a Rahul Gandhi interview and the entire Congress Party is havng a collective Facepalm moment. And I have finally sprouted some new respect for Arnab Goswami.

Whatay fun!


4 thoughts on “Arnab over iddlis? Any day!

  1. Nice one. Why did he go so unprepared? It surprised me no end. For the first time I didn’t flip channels when I saw Arnab on it.

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