The 30-day blogging challenge is back. Because everything good needs a sequel.

… on your back, and oblivious to the world, stare at the sky above. A little farther, the kids and ‘some grown-ups who will never grow up’ are playing cricket. It’s a serious game and so they do not see me playing with the football and falling flat on my back. A thick jacket, a thicker hide and grass in the park cushion the fall. I stay there for some time, thanking the non-existent stars above that all is well… I am even saved the embarrassment of someone coming over to help me get up…

Falling down on New Year’s eve never figured in my plans… But it was good… the feeling of losing control and knowing that the only way is to get up, dust the stray grass off my butt and continue… with life.

As the New Year dawned, so did a whole lot of things…. I know I will fall… but there will be a lot of things, situations and people that will pick me up, jolt me out of my senses or even shock me out of my wits.

I recently wrote, “It’s difficult to count my blessings. They are numerous!” So, they are! The two-year-old who comes in the same car supposedly throws a huge tantrum if he doesn’t see me in the evening…  The super twenty-somethings in my office – one of them who sees me crying silently in my corner cubicle and not knowing what to do pings me on office chat and says, “Don’t cry Rekha, I love you!”; the second cousin who makes it a point to leave a few messages every week asking me not to get stressed;  my bhaiya here who reads the post below and messages, “I am there, walking beside you, all the way; the childhood friend with who I reconnected after a long time who is always the voice of reason….

I could go on and on… and that’s perhaps why, probably for the first time in my life, I feel it’s okay to fall…



8 thoughts on “It’s okay to fall…

  1. Very nice post Rekhs. Actually filled my eyes, not the fall but the care and concern of those around you. How I wish it was ok for me to fall too…

    1. Arre Madhubalaji, gire aapke dushman, par agar galti se bhi aap gir jaate ho, to once again, not to worry, “Main abhi bhi Hoon Na”!!

  2. Thanks to both of you. Rekhs, when I saw your bhaiya’s comments, I missed Ashok a lot. I used to feel the same when he was around… 😦

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