Or my life in the present in bullet points…

# So it rained heavily on Wednesday. Thunder, lightning, the works… And a wind that blew away all the stuff from two cubicles at office (ok, only the loose paper. It rained. So I AM ALLOWED TO EXAGGERATE AND ALSO USE SHOUTY CAPITALS!)

# Rain washes away the stress of everyday life and soothes the soul. And brings in a spontaneity in me that I thought was long lost… Last Wednesday, we braved the wind to drive right up to the gorgeous view that looks down at the PDO beach. Believe me, I heard the sounds of silence. And they were saying, “Come more often.” Thank God for some like-minded colleagues who believe in the fun of ‘romancing the rain’. Yes, we splashed water on each other, ate cold onion pakoras and drank chilled Pepsi.

# Last evening, I saw a few kids playing basketball at Indian School Muscat. It reminded me of paper boats and kaagaz ki kashti… I wanted to join in, but I had a quiz to attend and I’ve not become that spontaneous… maybe one of these days… if the good weather persists!

# Rain makes everyone animated. It’s fun to see even the stoic, chained-to-work individuals look dreamily out of the window. I swear I even saw one of them close his eyes… perhaps he was dreaming of better times and such climes.

# So the kids got two days off from school. And the Times of Oman School Quiz got postponed. And it was established that Giri Pickbrain Balasubramanian was indeed the ‘Rainman’. He took the rain with him to Dubai too!

# A  cup of filter coffee never tasted this delicious. Rarely does the weather permit me to stand in the balcony and enjoy my cuppa. I must say that the errant raindrops added to the taste.

# While it was raining outside, there was a Gayle-storm happening quite regularly at some cricket pitch in India. Bah! IPL? Rain is much more exciting.

Okay, while the good weather may not last, it has certainly given me some feel-good moments (apart from all the feel-good stuff I write) to think about fondly… until I chase the monsoon as soon as I land home sometime in mid-July.



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