Blogging Challenge II – Day 4

I cannot imagine a life without friends. Throughout my life, I’ve had people who have touched me in some way or the other and played an important part in defining who I am today. But growing up, I was wary of being too close lest it became the proverbial too close for comfort.

Your idea or definition of friendship changes as you cross your 30s. Then, only the strongest ones remain and you are wary of making new ones. And those that have stood the strength of time, are those I believe, that will remain forever.

Friendship does not mean poking each other only on Facebook. That to me, is a mere renewal of acquaintances. For me, a friend is someone who is not judgmental. Who understands you without you needing to spell it out… Who may not be vocal about your friendship but is there, ready to be your strength without asking for anything in return.

I cherish the different kinds of friendships in my life. My childhood friends; friends at work, my Marian friends who got together as if we had never been out of touch – inspirational women, each one of them;  the B.Com gang, my friend SH from my Nagpur days who always tells it like it is though most of our conversations are limited to once-in-a-while chats, my GG who has been instrumental not only for my spiritual awakening but in helping me understand myself.

She may be pretty embarrassed about reading this here, but M is my closest friend. A warm, gentle soul who is my support and strength. She is a great listener – a perfect foil for someone like me who talks a lot – and is never judgmental. In these almost 39 years of existence, let me admit that she is the only friend I’d be comfortable calling up in the middle of the night if I wanted to. And I know she’d come running to be by my side.

When it came to friends, I thought I’d be able to write a lot. But when tears choke at the throat and stream from your eyes, it’s best to let the feelings of true friendship take over. And say a prayer of gratitude to Him above, for sending people aka friends, as His blessings.



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