One that I have written exhaustively on is this. Am waiting for the next season. Finally here was something that really said, Truth shall prevail.

I don’t watch TV at all except when I remember to watch The Week That Wasn’t on CNN-IBN purely for the laughs.

A far cry indeed from the days when my life revolved around mindless TV watching. My ex-colleague and friend Swati will remember an incident when we were discussing ‘Anuraag mar gaya’. Others thought someone close to us had died. But we were excited about the twist in Kasauti Zindagi Ke.

The only TV I watch are the news bulletins. And when I don’t do that I forget P. Chidambaram is the Finance Minister of India. Like it happened today as I switched on the TV to discover he was presenting the budget. And to think I used to be glued to the screen to make copious notes once upon a time when Budget happened.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. And looking back at this post, rambling is my birthright!

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3 thoughts on “My favourite television programmes

  1. How can I forget that incident? I am still laughing at the thought of it. For strange reasons Rekha I am completely off that world to which I was so addicted too. Ekta Kapoor’s serials and MTV songs were so much a part of life. And i remember how nicely u used to do the television gossip pg in ET. My little one watches some serial with the maid. I got to know when one day she came and told me mumma Rashi had a baby. And i was actually thinking which neighbour delivered. Quite close to Anurag mar gaya. Loved it.

  2. Not watching doesn’t matter at all. I realised my parents are watching the same series (and the story has not progressed at all) when they came two years ago too. the news anchors are also screaming their gut out (ofcourse they do have some grey hair on their head)

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