Blogging Challenge II – Day 2

There are plenty of things I feel strongly about… I’m quite an intense person, passionate about a lot of causes and believe strongly in certain principles and ideals… But these are very close to my heart…

# Spirituality
For a long time, I was just religious, because I was brought up that way. I was also ritualistic to a large degree. But as long as I can remember, I have believed in the ‘Sarva Dharma’ philosophy (all religions are one). I grew up in a multi-cultural neighbourhood and was thus acquainted with all religions. I did question the beliefs taught to me but never had the guts to rebel openly. But life does bring its own turning points that I’ve spoken about in detail here. Now, I totally subscribe to the Sai philosophy and look at things in a different light. Spirituality is my strength and the way forward.

# Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray
Again this is also part of the philosophy that I believe in. Seva, as I understand is not about giving money or large chunks of your time. It can be as simple as encouraging people to donate blood or managing crowds during an event. It can be as humble as being with children who need your help. It can be as uplifting as offering laban to the labourers during the scorching summer heat. The end result is not about helping somebody, but helping yourself.

# Being good to people
A smile goes a long way. Comforting, reassuring words make a world of difference. And they cost you absolutely nothing. Yes, the ‘good that you do always come back to you in some form or the other’. I don’t say I am a good person all the time, but do make an effort to listen to people without being judgemental. It’s not easy but I guess it’s not difficult either.

# Ceiling on desires
This is part of the Sai philosophy. It does not mean that you can have ‘no wants’. It means putting a ceiling on them and using the time/money to help those in need. It was explained to me thus: “If you are eating out five times a month, cut it down to three and use the money of two to contribute to a cause.” I find this very noble. An old colleague when he had to describe a person with simple wants would say, ‘You know, he the Rekha Baala kinds, simple…” Hmm… this is one reputation I don’t mind having!


4 thoughts on “Some things I feel strongly about…

  1. Good one. You have taken Swami’s teachings to heart. Talking about desire “Less luggage, more comfort” says Sai which makes life’s journey a pleasure. Ceiling on desire also makes great economic sense given that fact that most of the stress of modern life is caused bythe need to satisfy unbridled desires. The happiest man is not the person who has much but the one who has the least wants.

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