So, I come to Day 30 of the Blogging Challenge. It’s been many things to me, interesting, amusing, cathartic and most important of all, fun! It’s interesting to note how this challenge started off. There’s nothing official about it! Other blogs have followed a pattern; I chose not to.

It was the end of the month… I was racking my brains on the edit for the magazine and to take a break, I opened the TED app on my Galaxy Note. And I came across this talk by Matt Cutts who talked of a 30-day challenge and I found this take of his particularly interesting: “The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days?”

That was the spark. I immediately discussed it with my colleague Sushmita (such an interesting pot-pourri. Go and read her, if you haven’t already!) and she was very excited. My cousin Soumya also said yes and so we began, one post a day. Soumya, swamped by her course assignments managed to post as much as she could and hats off to her enthusiasm.

Sushmita and I made the challenge a part of our daily conversations at office. We bounced ideas, went through daily prompts and I guess the enthusiasm rubbed off on each other. I mostly wrote towards the end of the day when I was done with my daily routine writing and wanted to write with free rein and gay abandon.

I never felt it a chore and was surprised by the ideas that seemed to flow. It made me read more and jot down ideas… and this departure in style may perhaps help with my ‘writing for a living’ as well.

I’ve been blogging since February 2010. But this past one month, I have seen the blog come into its own with a diversity I never thought was possible. And all this happened also because of the constant stream of comments and encouragement from friends. While everyone may not agree with what I write (and that’s asking for the moon!) atleast the page views showed that people from all over the world were visiting the blog. A big thank you to all!

Once you begin challenging yourself… there can be no end. Only a new beginning! Keep watching this space…



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