Today a five-minute conversation with a lady over the phone was very ‘dear’ to me – because she called me ‘dear’ atleast 10 times. It ended with, ‘It was nice speaking with you, darling!” No, it was not a dear friend, but someone whom I was speaking with for the first time.

If you are in Muscat, chances are you are everyone’s dear. The PR person will make sure that you are very ‘dear’ because you have to attend every press conference, even those that don’t fall into your area of interest. Because, my dear, we have to show the numbers to the client!

Those who need a favour,I have a sincere request, please ask. Don’t begin your mail with ‘My dear sweet Rekha’… It can become an intense topic of conversation at the office, one that can make me ruin a story or two, because I am busy ROFLing!

I didn’t realize that my weekly visits to the supermarket were very ‘dear’ to the person at the counter who remarked, “Long time, no see, dear!” Perhaps my absence had cost her dear!

It’s the same everywhere… and can sometimes even get a bit jarring. Especially when a person who you are interviewing decides to emphasise every point with habibti (sweetheart in Arabic.) Believe me, by the end of the interview, I was far from being a sweet person!  In formal emails too, I get the ‘Dearest Rekha…’! Shouty capitals, I must say are far more reassuring!

It’s not that I mind being a dear… I am to those I am close to… people whom I know for a considerable period of time and share a good equation with.

So to all, those far, those near and those dear… use your ‘dear’ in moderation for there’s also something like too much love!


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