Okay, after shifting house for the fourth time in 15 years, I am still sane enough to ruminate…

# I can accumulate junk by the tonne.

# That the word ‘dust’ is an understatement in Oman. It can come flying in different directions.

# Not having househelp for the past three years was a lesson in foolhardiness.

# I have enough books to start a mini library.

# I have enough vessels to feed a small army.

# I have three packets of 100 straws each. No I don’t drink myself silly.

# I now have a lot of things in multiples including two microwave ovens.

# The brat is a good helper. Must use him often.

# I can sneeze atleast 10 times in succession.

# I have sofas that look like mini thrones. Time to show who rules the roost.

# I am missing the Sarookhhh Khan show. So what?

Okay, I go now… To tackle the zillions of cartons most of which contain junk.

See ya tommorrow! That is if my crappy mobile internet holds!

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3 thoughts on “Moving….

  1. Where’s the new abode ? most importantly when is the house warming because I assume all those who comment are obviously eligible for an invite to house warming.

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