… so says a poster on my desk!


If Red Bull gives my colleague wings, coffee keeps me sane. Two cups and I’m near normal most of the day. Deprive me of my ‘first-thing-in-the-morning’ coffee and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere around.

Jokes apart, I like my coffee more than my tea. There’s something about the aroma, the sweet addition and a bitter aftertaste that sends warmth and a ‘all’s well with the world’ feeling through my very being. Though I like all types of coffee, the South Indian ‘kaapi’ remains a firm favourite. And if you promise to get me a kilo of powder from India, you have my undying affection.

At any given time, my freezer is stocked with a few quarter kilo packets of filter coffee powder. It’s like the treasure chest to my well-being. Every morning, around four huge tablespoons of this is heaped into the coffee filter and boiling water poured over it. The gurgling sound is in fact, the perfect wake-up call. After a few minutes, when the coffee has filtered and the decoction flows into the bottom of the filter, you boil the fresh milk, adding one and a half teaspoons of sugar. After the gas is switched off, the hot decoction is added to the coffee… medium strong. This liquid manna then shoots across from tumbler to glass in a flying motion (that only the real experts can handle) which gives you the right amount of froth. And your cup of cheer is ready.

I do like my cappuccino, latte and mocha but it’s filter coffee that brings a warmth that’s indescribable. Perhaps it’s just not about the aroma or taste. But the memories of home… of tumblers of hot steaming kaapi. Of early-morning conversations and discussions. Of newspaper edits and school homework! Kaapi with dosais and vadais. 

Sigh! There’s nothing as too much coffee or too many memories!




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