Blogging challenge – Day 17

At Muscat Festival Plaza, Al Amerat this evening,  I

# Saw a young man with a loud T-shirt that said… “I don’t care a @#$* about you! (yes the word! and not what I have typed here!). One more person angry with the world. I should have worn that ‘skulled kurti’ just to give him some sensible competition!

# Saw Amrit and his schoolmates pull off an interesting tongue-in-cheek skit about road safety awareness. He was the brash corporate type talking on the phone and getting into a crash. Hope lesson has been learnt!

The road safety awareness campaign
The road safety awareness campaign

# Heard screams of ‘dude’ and ‘bro’ rent the air! And of teachers screaming, “Come to the front… hold the mike, what are you doing?,’ and many such things. Though the lingo has changed, the situations haven’t. Thank God for that!

# Got lost in a sea of humanity…  There was no way I could jump over the crowd to see the fine acrobatics on display. So I just loitered around, and wherever I could, did people watching and eavesdropped in on conversations.

Entertainment Limited!
Entertainment Limited!

# Did not veer towards the Global Village. It would have taken more people than one husband and son to pull me home if I had. I am waiting for a separate, special shopping stint with the bff.

Cotton candy at the entrance
Cotton candy at the entrance

# We had to drop a teacher and another student off. I had to refrain from ‘sshhing’ both of them as they spoke loudly about teachers from another school. Ah! The brashness of youth.

# How do you react when a kid the same age as your son tells you, “I don’t have a mum. She died.”  Been there… and so know how it feels. I stopped the tears from flowing and said a long prayer…. May all the love in the world be his.


3 thoughts on “A walk in the park…

  1. Ha ha. Nice one. We should make the trip happen this week. I was taken aback with the piece you ended with. It jolted me.

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