Blogging Challenge – Day 12

Now that I’m blogging every day, I don’t think the beta has the patience to visit it. So I shall shamelessly plug his wisecracks here…every blog needs to have its special effects, no?

Amrit (at age 5) to his class teacher: “My mother has resigned. She was harassed!”

Amrit (at age 8) in his English notebook. “My father is a good cook. He makes delicious food!” which was slightly overshadowed by the neighbour’s kid writing, “I don’t like my mother. She’s always taking tuition!”

Amrit (at age 10): Amma, where are you going?
Me: To donate blood
Amrit: Can I donate too?
Me: You need to be 18 to donate blood.
Amrit: Can I donate to children then?

Last year, the husband’s colleague’s relative makes a visit because they hail from neighbouring villages back home. The gentleman has been living in California for 30 years. He speaks about his life there… and Amrit is talking animatedly about the state – the geography, topography, population, the climate as if he has lived there too. The gentleman tells me while leaving: “Send him to the US on his next holiday. I’ll take care of him!”

I am preparing to travel from Ayakkad to Cochin by car alone which would take less than three hours. My mother-in-law expresses some worry.
Amrit pipes in: “Paati, Amma travels all over the world alone. She travelled for nine hours on a plane to reach Switzerland. Why are you worried about her going to her own home?”

On the last vacation, Amrit meets my first cousin, whom he last saw when he was little. I introduce him to her and he says: “You are ____’s mother. He is my friend on Facebook.” Said nephew is 27 years old 🙂 Cousin is mighty pleased.

My friend Vidhya, Amrit and I are to travel together by boat to Fort Cochin to my school there. He hears me telling Vidhya, “We shall meet at Ernakulam boat jetty; the ‘Ernakulam’ pronounced in a strong English accent carried forward from school.
Amrit says: “Isn’t it a Malayalam word ‘Erna-ulam’ and why are you throwing an accent?”

Last week, I was telling the husband that my friend S has moved to Windsor from Toronto.
Amrit of course has to chip in: “S Aunty is in Windsor? (This is an aunty he has never seen but heard a lot about) It’s close to the US… there is a bridge,” and goes on to give me gyaan on Windsor’s population, climate, topography, geography, etc. Again!

I tell you, the boy is spending too much time on Wikipedia! But moments like these make being an Amma priceless!


9 thoughts on “And to increase the traffic, we plug Amrit into a post

  1. I came here because you mentioned Amrit in your FB post, so traffic did increase, then read further down because enjoyed Amtri manthan as Deepa said in FB comments…

  2. Dear RB, If you remember, same thing happened when I came over there last year. Amrit was telling more about Dubai than what I know. I told you and Bala to send him to Dubai for next vacation. When is he coming ? Let him keep reading more and more….like his mother. Anyway he has to pick-up cooking tips from his Dad. He is the one of the best, nobody can beat him on that. All the best…………..PMS

    1. Thank you PMS. Yes, we will definitely come to Dubai this year. And btw, he always keeps saying, “We have to ask PMS uncle to come to Muscat often. Only then, can we see Appa laughing loudly.”

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