Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Tch… Tch… What did you think? I was going to spill forth my PMS troubles on this blog? I was talking of end-of-the-month magazine closing blues. Make it colours – of all undetermined shapes, sizes and forms – as vibrant as the magazine covers.

End of the month is a period of great suffering. Not because we leave things to the last minute. We almost never do that. But still closing the magazine is more hard work than chasing an interviewee and bagging an exclusive.

There’s always something that’s of paramount and earth-shaking importance that needs to be pushed in at the last minute. This could range from a paragraph to many pages.  This could also be an interview just a day before the magazine actually goes to press. The phrase, ‘we are always ready to do a story’ doesn’t work only for newspapers; we magazine people rise to the occasion too!

Then there’s editing, proofing and corrections. There’s always the feeling that you could do a better job that means you read the pages all over again. As you do the corrections on screen, you discover macabre things – widow words, hanging lines, out of place drop caps and double spaces between sentences! All these take some time to handle and then after you have done all the corrections you learn you have to drop some pages because some advertisements have to be accommodated. To add to it all, the printer acts pricey and refuses to print even if it shows off it’s ‘ready’!

In between all this, we keep sane by drinking insane amounts of coffee and calling out to each other loudly over some spelling we’ve momentarily forgotten. When the going gets to the night-time, we order in avocado milkshakes and samosas. We also crack jokes for no rhyme and reason – the laughter perhaps keeps us grounded to the task at hand.

But then, that’s how it is. The process of doing something we love is what makes us do it again and again. Month after month! Perhaps we would never be able to do it ‘any other way’.

What’s that they say? When the going gets tough, the tough get going? Naah! For us, when the going gets tough, we go a bit cuckoo and drink avocado milkshakes.


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