Blogging Challenge – Day 5 – with and

With partial spring cleaning happening, it’s not only a skulled kurti that I’ve unearthed from the recesses of my cupboard. Here is something I cherish…

HMT Pace for Humour Hungama 92

This is a HMT Pace watch that brings back many memories. Of Humour Hungama 1992, an inter-collegiate elocution competition where I won a prize. I remember the topic, ‘A Martian visits India’. I was the first speaker and thank God for that… the rest of the contestants were consistently booed by the Maharajah’s College and Ernakulam Law College boys. An unruly crowd it was, which prompted the HMT PR lady to take to the mike again and again… (She’s the one with the iron fist beneath the feather glove… mentioned in this post!)

When the winners were announced I was surprised… except for one of the judges, no one else had laughed at what I spoke. And it was supposed to be a humour elocution competition!

The next day the photograph of the winners was splashed in all the English and Malayalam papers. And I became a mini-celebrity in the neighbourhood. But for me, all that mattered was the watch… it was one-of-its-kind. It had the name of the competition on it and so only the winners would have them.

At last count, I have around 10 watches. But this one? Definitely priceless. Which no Mastercard can ever buy 🙂


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