The 30-day blogging challenge – Day 3

And so I went against an important cooking rule I learnt in childhood. I began consulting recipes from cookbooks and the Internet. I can picturise Appa looking at me in consternation from somewhere up above as I prop my iPad on the kitchen counter atleast once a week as I discover diverse cooking especially baking with a vengeance.

We were always told that you learnt how to cook by watching others and helping them. This also created a bond of love shared down different generations. But with nuclear families and no extended families the Internet is the next best bet. And so I have been making this


And this…


And more…

There’s something other than a love for cooking that makes food taste divine. Oodles of love that translates into what people call kaivannam or kaipunyam or haath ki jaadu.

I certainly hope that everything I cook contains this core ingredient. Never mind if it came out of a cookbook, off the Internet or from Amma’s repertoire. Appa, I know would certainly approve.

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12 thoughts on “A book cook….

  1. whatever you make or bake… your lemon rice is timeless! and how can i ever forget my little one’s first tyrst with curd rice at your place.

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