Or such is life…

As I sit in office, pulling off yet another 12-hour workday this month, I realise that contemplating, planning, tearing my hair out or wishing hard do not make things happen. They happen, when they have to, and when you least expect them to!

And as I bid say adios to 2012, here’s how my year has been. For everything God, the good and the not-so-good, muchas gracias!

# I visited three countries this year – Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. And two of them as part of work. Travelling certainly broadens one’s horizons. I agree! Lasting memories – frolicking in the snow at Lenk in Switzerland, the elephant orphanage at Pinnawala (Sri Lanka) and riding a two-wheeler after 16 years at a secluded Lombok beach in Indonesia.

Elephants at Pinnawala
Elephants at Pinnawala
Snow-capped Alps at Lenk
Snow-capped Alps at Lenk
Vegetables from a vendor in Mattancherry who I remember from 20 years ago
Vegetables from a vendor in Mattancherry who I remember from 20 years ago
Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok, Indonesia





# Was part of a team at work that pulled off a successful event, the second year in running. Also tweeted live at Oman Debate anchored by Tim Sebastian again. Interactions full of insights!

#Also the focus away from work for a change. Was part of bigger things, in my own little way. Those that give me utmost satisfaction (too personal to mention here!)

# Health scares were all that they were – health scares! The agony of being in hospital for tests was terrible. Thank God for great, understanding Kerala nurses. In the end, all is well.

# The annual trip to India was filled with so much love – it always takes me by surprise. The joy of meeting family and friends and living life the way it was in childhood created a sort of awakening. No matter where you are, your roots play a great role in defining the person you are. Like I wrote in an earlier blogpost – You can take a person out of Mattancherry. But you cannot take Mattancherry out of a person! Very true!

#And  yes, I was promoted as editor this year. Happy, yes… deliriously happy? Hmmm… work has been a driving force in my life for the past 19 years. Cannot imagine a life without words! So titles happen, whenever they have to!

# Amrit turned a teen – and it’s really a joy to see him grow. To watch the tiny strains of rebellion rearing its head, new interests and a sense of maturity that I never had at that age.

I move into 2013 with no expectations, regrets or bucket lists. Cannot discount the content plans though… they are a given! Everything else will be as they come!

Happy New Year and here’s wishing you peace, happiness, love and good health. Live in the moment!

Carpe Diem!



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