Yes, folks, I’m  back! The only drumroll I’m expecting is from Amrit who is busy making up plots for the maami series. As my dear colleagues would like to remind me,  yes, I agree I left maami and Sivakumar in the lurch. Promise, promise! They will be back with the all the twists and turns… do give me a week or so to get back to my old blogging ways. In the interim, thanks to all those who wrote in, I appreciate the concern and the interest. As for my friends, thanks for bearing with me, every time, all the time!

What did I do in the meanwhile? I stressed myself out launching the revamped edition of the magazine in 15 days and you get the general drift, right? And yes, I also went to Switzerland last week… a perk from the job I love.  Here’s a short 72 hour recap (yup! I spent only three days there!)

# Nine hours on a Swiss International Airlines flight and my body, feet and I lived to tell the tale… Totally digged the ‘bed’ option in Business Class. Slept for the first time on a flight in 14 years!

# Reached Zurich at 7am bright and chirpy and ready to hit the city’s hotspots with ‘niece-friend’ Soumya. Yes, I had to constantly remind her, ‘Aunty mat kaho na’. Since she insists on calling me just that, despite repeated requests, she becomes by default, another favourite niece!

# We kept on saying ‘iPhone and Google Maps Zindabad’ as we navigated Zurich on the trains and trams.  Technology is amazing but a transportation system that runs like clockwork is awesome!

# There were no friendly-tourist types to click photos of us together. An unsuspecting Japanese tourist walked along, and before we could say, ‘please’, she came up with, ‘Can you please click my picture?’ And we laughed… and shot, in various angles!

# The freezing weather ensured that  it took me 45 minutes to dress up… three layers of warm clothing, a long coat, muffler, cap and gloves… plus layers of fat that I’m naturally blessed with… and still I went brrr…. brrr… all the time, and that, was before the snow happened.

# The event for which I was invited went off very well. There were 21 journalists from 14 countries. And it was fun to unravel different accents and practise my, ‘I am Indian but work in Oman’ dialogue all the time! And where is Oman? Yes, yes, a small country next to Dubai. Everyone knows Dubai!! The highlight? An American journalist from New York telling me, “I wish I could speak as slowly as you!” LOL!

# My vegetarianism preceded me everywhere I went.  All restaurants were informed beforehand that I ate no fish, meat… not even eggs (collective disbelief writ on all faces!).

# The Lenkerhof Alpine Resort, tucked away in Lenk-Simmental in the Alps, three hours from Zurich was a paradise far away from the madding crowd. Here, I saw snow for the first time ever.  And if I’d let them, the entire group would have given me a standing ovation when I scooped the snow into my hands… I was the only one who had not seen snow…

# At dinner at said resort, we divided ourselves into two large groups. I was the only woman in one group while the other which had the maximum made the most noise. Which led one person to remark, ‘That noise comes from a combination of women and wine. While here we have one quiet woman who does not drink!’ Sexist comment? I’d not like to think so… but I certainly gained a reputation during this trip!

# A Turkish TV crew of two missed the last cable car and had an adventurous ride from the topmost mountain slope on a sledge.  They had to recount the story to everyone at the hotel which I guess was far more taxing than the ride.

And that dear friends, is how I spent the last month not blogging! It’s time to get back… Maami’s waiting in Nagpur desperate to know what her youngest is upto!


14 thoughts on “A ‘break’ down…

  1. wow rekha, this one was just too good. loved reading your trip after following the drift through a few pics you posted on fb. btw, you looked awesome in that long coat.

  2. A crispy travelogue. Really laughed out loud reading about the Japanese traveler. By the way, its good to see the shutters rolled up and ‘we’re closed’ turned around to show ‘welcome’.

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