# This morning, a reader posted a comment that she’s been waiting for two weeks for an update on what Maami’s doing in Palakkad. Am touched… for the three and a half readers I have… make that two and a half, since my friend Suzy Fontes has gone to India on vacation.

# Been sick for almost two weeks now. Pretty bad bout of viral that the son got and happily passed onto me…   The day he got better, he went away on vacation to India.

# Amrit is sorely missed for his pointers on the Madisaar Maami series… That explains part of the writer’s block.

# Once in a year, comes a time when God disapproves the fact that I am abnormally healthy. Two courses of antibiotics, nebulisation, the works… but the cough is still there.

# Don’t know if my colleagues were concerned or irritated by my violent coughing fits… but everyday a new home remedy would be presented to me. Cinnamon with honey, pepper with honey, and ginger with honey – Honey was definitely a common denominator… No wonder I’m sickly sweet these days.

# In between all these, I was part of two events… The first one was a nightmare in terms of logistics, preparation and planning but thankfully, went as scheduled. The other was fun because it was a debate and as all debates go, electrifying! That Tim Sebastian (of Hard Talk and Doha Debates fame) was the moderator made it very interesting. We also tweeted the event live and it was like all those discussions on TV – we would get a question on Twitter, write it on a piece of paper, and someone would give it to Tim on stage and he’d go, “This one from Twitter…” Ah! The power of social media!

# Sometimes, I feel like giving it all up and crawl into the woodwork, no Facebooking , no blogging, no writing… But as the song goes, “It’s only words… and words are all I have…”

Dear three-and-a-half readers, thank you for your patience… Maami shall bounce back… and soon!


10 thoughts on “My life in the present or why I did not update the Chronicles of Madisaar Maami

  1. 🙂 Am sorry to hear you are sick. And am tempted to give you another suggestion to deal with your cough. I had the same problem. Climate change here in India. Keep drinking hot water like one glass every 1 hour. That did what the antibiotics (2 course) couldnot do. Cough is rare now. Tulsi irundhal avulova nallathu. Hope you get better soon.

  2. Ermm.. Make that four and half readers including me !!
    Loved the Maami series! My husband is from Palakkad specifically from kalpathi and we did attend the famous ther festival 4-5 years ago.

  3. Sweetheart… Get well soon … And you are incredibly lucky to have colleagues and friends who even ‘bother’ with the home remedies… BTW, in Ayurveda, pepper with honey is supposed to be the best combo to beat a cough… And now, your readers are five and a half :-D….

    Have been so busy with work lately… Have taken this week off and shall be in Dubai for a Xmas vacation on Saturday (24th)… So I am back to blog hopping and am reading up all the stuff I’ve missed… Seriously, the Maami needs to return…pronto! I grew up virtually in a surrogate tam-bram home and the maami in madisaari reminded me so much of the ‘granny’ of the people I grew up with! Incidentally she was also from Palakkad!!!

    So babes, we’re all waiting.. Some of us may have been “lost” but now “we are found!” Remember Amazing Grace??? Love love and more love

    1. thank you sweets. have a wonderful holiday. I wish i could come and meet you in dubai… but it’s magazine wrapping up time otherwise we’d have just driven down. Yes, I remember your neighbours, mama, mami, vimala akka, anandi akka… (the indian bank building)… even if i bump into them somewhere in mattancherry, they do stop and enquire how i am and talk about Kuku 🙂 yes, it’s all about love!

  4. and 6 and half. u got a viral going there. def. concerned abt ur cough. almost thought that wld be an official announcement TIM would make” please all u coughers try Diakof from Himalaya, it works wonders”. Yet be patient and drink lot’s of bearbly hot water.
    Waiting for the maami to roll. well will she be on social media ;)?

    1. thank you anush… yeah we could have turned into an advertising opportunity especially when we had an enlightened audience 😛 yes hot water is the answer. hold that thought… maami is definitely the social media type 🙂

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