Mararikulam Beach, Alappuzha, Kerala

There’s a saying in Malayalam that goes, “Muttathe mullaikke manam illa!” (Loosely translated, it goes, you have no regard for the fragrant flowers in your own garden!). This holds true for most of my ‘natural’ discoveries in Kerala. I never knew that this virgin, unspoilt beach existed just an hour’s drive away from Cochin. We went here for our school reunion. The white sands are awesome, you can just sit here for hours and do nothing… And it’s raining, all the better!

Kanamaly, Cochin, Kerala

Last year, I let down my photographer friend Sivaram by cancelling meetings twice. This time, I had to make up for it. And so we went, Sivaram and I, across city roads and traffic jams, to Kanamaly, tucked away in a corner of Cochin. The green hues are different – there are backwaters, coconut palms and prawn fishing farms – and very little people on the roads. Here, armed with my Nikon D3100, I got my first photography lessons. That what matters is not just a good camera, but a great eye and loads of patience… and a wonderful teacher. Next time, I’m all set to discover more places…

Mangalam Dam, Palakkad, Kerala

This dam is hardly a few kilometres away from the husband’s village. And none of us had seen it, all these years. It took a taxi driver to make us realise it when it comes to Kerala, you need not go very far to enjoy nature. It was evening… with a light drizzle and the entire family of in-laws. The nature, the camaraderie… the collective ‘wows’ of the children will never be forgotten…

The bridge on the river Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

It’s wonderful to be on two continents at once. Being in Instabul gives you that ‘best of two worlds’ feeling! I shot this from a moving bus as we moved from the European part of Istanbul into the Asian side…

Wadi Tiwi, Oman

The coastal road from Muscat to Sur is a beautiful, long-winding one, with many beaches and wadis where you make stops along the way. This one was shot from atop a hill, overlooking the wadi below. And the best part? My point-and-shoot camera didn’t disappoint with the colours!

Masirah Island, Oman

This one’s a long shot from the Siwss Bel-Hotel on Masirah Island where I had gone with two of my colleagues to do a story for the magazine. Love the tranquility and the ‘far from the madding crowd’ quality of the place. Would love to go there again!


9 thoughts on “When time stood still… some picture stories

    1. thanks vidya. masirah is indeed a beautiful place. it is home to the loggerhead turtles who come there to nest. we did a lovely story on the environment society of oman’s efforts to preserve the nesting beaches. The beach by moonlight is lovely!

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