It’s official…I can no longer call the brat, the brat. He will be now, for all purposes known on this blog by his nice name… Amrit. And here’s why…

# At almost 12, he’s as tall as me… Not that I am tall. For me, that’s a wonderful achievement. He wouldn’t have to sit on the front bench throughout school and college and be in the first row of every group photograph like I was. Something, most of my school friends thoughtfully reminded me during the reunion.

# He sometimes says things that takes me by surprise… no make that, he always says things that take me by surprise. We had just entered the Guruvayoor Temple when he spots a board that says, “Non-Hindus not allowed!” Immediately he says, “Amma, I think I’ll have to do another satyagraha!” It took me some time to realise what he meant. And I thought history was my strong point!

# Most of my friends were bowled over by his charm during our recent vacation. He’s the kind who will always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’… and also praise you to the skies if you served him good food. The way he says ‘Super!’ after taking a bite will melt any heart, except mine, of course. And so, to those who continue to praise him, just one request, “Can you take him off my hands for a week, please?”

# He speaks to his twenty-something cousins like they were his friends from school. I’m surprised that he finds so many things in common. Wait, that’s not all… Last heard, he was busy discussing corruption in India with an uncle in his 50s… And just for that, he has a standing invite to Bangalore any time 🙂

# Without pushing or prodding or reminding him, he says his prayers with a lot of devotion. He enjoys the bhajans and shloka chanting sessions immensely.

# Believe me, he has never asked for anything… just because his friends have it! I asked him if he wanted a PSP, he said no… Why? Because his eyes would hurt. He’s content watching old reruns of cricket matches on television and is mostly glued to his books. And yes, he’s a Potter maniac!

# He treats me as his best friend, as of now (that could obviously change as he grows up!) and that is really heart-warming. Every incident at school is retailed in great length… and amusement.

There, I’ve written a fond mommy post… Something I thought I’d never do! Well, there’s always a first time…


28 thoughts on “And so, we now have a brat, make that Amrit post in bullet points…

  1. Super!!! (borrowing words from Amrit 🙂 )
    I have stopped blogging myself and have been very irregular in reading blogs… but this I could not resist.
    Yes, kids these days are grown way beyond their age in numbers…
    And even my kid was and still is (occasionally) attached to me, as you have mentioned… but as they grow, it grows from being an everyday occurrence to being few and far between, something which I still haven’t adjusted to…

  2. Excellent write up about Amrit.. 🙂 To add a few, he was discussing about religion & belief with us during his stay in Chennai 🙂 Not many children of his age get into discussing these things..(brill).. The brat is growing… 🙂

  3. Amrit is such a sweetheart and adorable brother 🙂 We enjoyed his company all through his stay with us in Chennai. May God bless him !!!

  4. gosh rekha, i am all goosepimply from reading your mail. and i couldnt help comparing him to my BRATS (they will eternally remain that for sure). their list of demands are never ending and every bit, from brushing teeth to drinking water has to be reminded… may be i should borrow amrit and see if it rubs on my boys too 🙂
    god bless amrit and you too

    1. awwww! suze, your kids are adorable too! the boys all cute and grown-up and Desiree just so cute. u r welcome to borrow him anytime… you’ll leave him back in a day 🙂 what with all the unending questions!

  5. I met AMRIT only once (during his Upanayanam). At that time also he was taLLer than you!!!! You can include my name in the first five persons who hates calling AMRIT as brat. So Amrit, your mama is going to call you by your lovely name AMRIT (= an ancient city of Syria (3 BC) or the divine nectar or …….).

    1. thanks umesh… won’t call him brat again 🙂 he was named Amrit as my father-in-law was reading the book Sri Krishna Amrutham at the time he was born… he is also named Sreekrishnan after my father-in-law… and also because the name is mentioned in the Vishnu Sahasranamam many times… yes… nectar of immortality as he’d always like to say 🙂

  6. Rekha, you, for sure are one ‘super’ fortunate mother to have a son like Amrit in this day and age. This post not only tells us what a great kid Amrit is, but also speaks volumes about the upbringing you’ve given him. So….Hats Off to You!!!

    P.S. I’ll be glad to take him off your hands any day….not just for a week, but for as long as you both can be without each other 🙂

  7. lovely post rekha..he indeed comes across as an intelligent and a sensitive boy… and mature too! 🙂 you are blessed to have him 🙂

  8. Agree with so many of them of here Rekhs!!! U have indeed a blessed son…. God bless him….. I can feel how proud you have been writing this…. & this is all coz of your upbringing…….Great going…. Keep it up!!!!

  9. Rekhs, I envy you….it’s so prefectly written about the perfect boy….You are indeed blessed…Amrit ko meri nazar na lage …am just waiting to meet him someday……

  10. Adorable Amrit! Kids who say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are a rare species.. And this is such a cute post.. Here’s wishing dear Amrit the very best:)

  11. wow! like so many of them have already said you are a blessed and gifted mommy with a blessed and special boy. enjoy and cherish him and continue being his best friend!

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