Am back from my annual vacation. Looking back at the one month I spent in India, I feel blessed. And more importantly, very much loved. I always thought I could be swamped with only one thing – work! But this time, I’ve seen, felt and been swamped with love – many times over. Could it be because, I’ve forced myself to be more positive and less worrisome? Could it be because I let trifles be, what they are, mere trifles? Or could it be because I felt an overpowering sense of love for those around me and as they say, love begets only love…

But whatever it is, it’s finally taught me that if you ‘feel love in every nerve’, things around you change, people around you change… not to Utopian standards but it certainly brings in a sense of calm and serenity that’s important in the stressful world we live in.

A few memories I will really cherish and hold dear…

# My husband’s cousin had come down for my father-in-law’s 81st birthday. She has a cute little daughter – a ‘special’ kid. On seeing the husband, she hugged him tight for a long time as if she has known him forever. The kind of love that radiated from the child brought tears to our eyes.

# I met a person through this blog a year-and-a-half ago. This year, I went to meet him and his family. The two hours I spent there, was one of warmth and love, and filled with anecdotes that proved that faith is life, faith is sustenance… and it’s He who connects! Thank you Umesh!

# For the grand school reunion, we had many mini-meetings to plan the minutest of things. For you see, we are all ‘out-in-the-open’ perfectionists. The first time I met Ritu (which was like after 20 years or so), she hugged me tight. We didn’t want to let go… both of us. True friendships never break… time, distance and space simply doesn’t matter. The same goes to many of my other friends too.

# Our teachers had tears in their eyes at the reunion. I never remember them hugging us during our school days. But at the event, each one of them hugged us and cried. They were so open about their love and affection that it surprised many of us.

# At the picnic the normally staid, front-bencher type (as Nisha gleefully pointed out) ME let go… and enjoyed myself to the hilt. For all the love and affection was too hard to ignore. There’s a pic of some of us with our hands pointing at the horizon… wanting to grab a fistful of the sky… That truly exemplifies that life needs to be enjoyed… to the fullest.

# I had a wonderful family reunion (from Appa’s side) when I went to attend my cousin’s marriage in Madurai. At the end of it, I felt that I really didn’t deserve all the love and affection…

# My cousin in Chennai… with whom I hardly interact at all, told me that he was proud I was a journalist, the only one in the family. I was embarrassed but also touched.

# My first visit to the Sai Baba ashram Sundaram in Chennai… what shall I say… love permeates from every corner… the wonderful bhajan only made me feel, Dil Maange More.

 # Meeting old family friends and relatives in Chennai also gave a ‘top-of-the-world’ feeling. Never mind if my aunt had this to say when she saw me now, after 16 years, “Rekha, tu itni moti ho gayi…” (Rekha, you have put on so much weight!)

# Meeting a person who selflessly does Reiki healing for hundreds of people all over the world purely out of love for mankind. In fact, it’s his life mission to help as many people as possible and bring positivity and happiness back into their lives. You, Sir, are certainly an inspiration that love is the first step towards healing.

# And last, but not the least, my family for being who and what they are… loving, caring and all-giving. I can never forget what the kid brother told me at the airport, “It’s enough… Come back soon.”



9 thoughts on “A thing called love…

  1. Nothing can ever replace the way our families and friends make us feel. Glad you had such an enjoyable time in India! 🙂 xox

  2. Call me sucker babes but I am crying right now! I wish so wish you were right here…at arm’s length for me to reach out whenever I wanted…. Meeting you was more than I could ask for from my own vacation… 🙂 I second your bro: Its enough. Come back soon….

  3. We are honoured by your short but memorable visit (inspite of your busy schedule in India). Thanks Rekha for remembering us.

  4. Hmmm..very nostalgic..right? Nothing special like our family and great friends…..loved to meet you as well….

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