Fifteen days into my vacation in India, I’ve

# Seen enough rain to last me the whole year round. Light drizzles, gushing torrents, thunder, lightning, traffic snarls, overflowing roads, the works. And am still lovin’ it!

# Seen a major function being pulled off with grandeur the second year in running. This time, it was my father-in-law’s 81st birthday that was indeed a momentous occasion for all of us.

# Met up with a major part of the in-laws I hadn’t seen in the last 14 years of marriage. And this includes a bunch of cousins-in-law and their children, all from different parts of India.

# Noticed that on parting, said newly befriended relatives did not mouth the mandatory, ‘Keep in touch’. They all echoed the same thing, ‘We’ll catch up on Facebook’ and so I logged onto many new friend requests. Cool!

# Seen something strange-looking and strange tasting – Cauliflower bajjis masquerading as chilli gobi and fried rice with tomato ketchup. Ewwww!

# Attended a family marriage after a long time. This blog was an interesting topic of discussion for many especially the post  I wrote on my paati! More than that, it was a mini-reunion as well… And again, three cheers for the younger generation who has  ably managed to connect all ends of the family so well…

# Seen a eve-teasing incident that shocked me out of my wits. I reminded myself, ‘Kerala is definitely not safe! And yes, India is not Muscat!’

# Travelled more than 1000km by car and managed not to puke even once (a mean feat for me!)

# Seen very little of the brat who was busy with his cousins playing cricket in the rain and watching movies on the laptop into the wee hours of the morning. Often I’ve had to remind him that ‘I exist!’

# Was very unhappy to miss my Thursday weekly bhajans in Muscat. But He has proved, time and again, with his signs, that He is there as a guiding force. Proving that God is in us, always!

Hope the next 20 days will be eventful (in a happy way) as well… with two  more trips to go and a major school reunion.

Fingers crossed!


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