The Cup is ours. It’s an incredible feeling… an incredible memory to hold dear! I must eat humble pie (reference: earlier blog post on cricket!) and say that I enjoyed this World Cup thoroughly, especially the semis and the finals… And here’s why!

# Kamran Rehmat, my ex-colleague and friend from Pakistan who has proved time and again, that it does not make any difference if you are Indian or Pakistani, especially when it comes to cricket. He was the first to wish his Indian friends on the semi-final win. And on the day of the finals, I received a message from him in the morning, that though he found Sri Lanka a formidable team, he hoped that for my sake, India won. You called me a sweet pal, Kamran. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

# Another of my ex-colleagues, who is now in the US, Bejoy Koshy brought alive the excitement and revived my interest in cricket with all his updates on FB. Sorry, Bejoy, I was not much of admin on your World Cup page… but your enthusiasm sure rubbed off on me!

# A big shout to the FOSS (Federation of Sister Screamers) and to yay-yay-sisterhood. Facebook turned into Twitter for the semis and finals with my family and friends. Anju, Soumya, Sushmita, Namrata, Sukanya, Mariya, Deepa – you guys rocked! We’ve come a long way, especially I! I remember talking of Googlies and Yorkers and swing in my college days and the guys making fun of me. Recently, I explained Powerplay rules to a male colleague!!! What a turnaround!

# And on Twitter, the Cup undoubtedly goes to Kishor Cariappa, my best friend’s equal half who had loads of people riveted with his amusing Tweets. Samples : (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam-Bhir; Spectrawide sponsored by MRF; Celebrations begin… Let me get Mysore-Pak and more!) You inspired me to transfer my palpitations onto Twitter in the finals!

# Friends in Oman… who made the discussions on FB and off FB a complete riot with enthusiasm, arguments and counter-arguments. Sunil Vaidya, the eternal sports journalist… Doc and many others… Cricket bonds and how!

# The husband for proving that he is the resident Oracle in the household (every prediction of his came true… maybe he’s just an incurable optimist). The brat for upping me in the screaming stakes and enjoying every match, even those with Netherlands and Kenya to the hilt!

# And last but not the least, my office chums… especially my non-Indian colleagues who kept the excitement going… till the very end!

Enjoy the feeling while I go get vadas and chitni (read chutney!!!) for my dear Omani colleague… The celebrations have just begun!


12 thoughts on “The morning after…

  1. Yeah, it was a great match and Dhoni wrapping it up in great style. Nothing unifies India as cricket does… But I still relish the practices at Thekkamadom and the matches played at TD school grounds.


    1. yes narayanan, we may have missed out on the celebrations back home, but we enjoyed in our own little way. thekkemadom matches… yeah, i still can remember the screams i could hear from home 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Rekha. No matter what happens between India and Pakistan, we’ll always be friends:) FB has strengthened our bond. May peace, contentment and love be always yours. Cheers!

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