I loved cricket. As in the past tense. I’d write poems on the opening pair of Sunil Gavaskar and Srikkanth. Had a crush on Anil Kumble because he wore thin-framed glasses…(?!!!) Was envious of Sachin Tendulkar for a long time because we are close in age (for a while I went on saying, ‘avan enge, naan enge!’ (look where he is and where am I!) Cried when Chetan Sharma’s last ball at Sharjah went for a six! Took on the boys of the neighborhood who were rather amused by my cricket fixation. Would debate, make that argue, and out-shout the others when it came to cricket and my heroes!

Co-fanatics at home included Amma, Appa and big brother. Listened to ball-by-ball commentary on the radio before television… Painstakingly learnt the rules of the game. Laughed at Henry Blofeld’s antics on screen. Digged the Mexican wave. While paati would wonder what all the fuss was about this ‘kiricut’!

At Nagpur, watched cousin Kartik play Ranji for Vidharbha. Superb opening bat and wicket-keeper. Cheered and cheered with a gang of friends. Watched my first ever live match India vs West Indies with him. Got autographs.  Now Kartik works for India Cements and Chennai Super Kings. Look forward to the goodies every year 🙂

Muscat. Times of Oman. And Dil Maange More. Superb supplements. Drool-worthy edit pieces.  Watched cricket matches with colleagues in the dingy library. And we’d literally kick out colleague who would saunter in and everytime a wicket would fall. Had Coco-Cola/Pepsi bets. Watched Bangladesh beat Pakistan and our Bangladeshi driver Ali handing sweets first to the Pakistani colleagues 🙂

2011. Decibel levels will soar to ear-shattering levels. Every game, ball and every cricketer worth his salt will be analysed by the husband and the brat. Madness will reign for a month.

But I’ll be calm… cool and collected. I’m in a Zen-like state because I know nothing. Because ignorance is definitely bliss. Who is Praveen Sharma, by the way? (Amma, exclaims the brat, as he peers over the screen, ‘For God’s sake, it’s Praveen Kumar!)



17 thoughts on “It’s all about cricket… or not!

  1. As you said, I also loved cricket. Once upon a time… I was an admirer of cricket and its khiladies. But not any more now. I do not know why. Sometimes, due to BIG money involved in CRICKET. It is good that I am getting a ZEN like stated person in my TEAM.

  2. Yes the charm of narottam puri, suresh Saraiya, Kishore Bhimani, ayaz memon, khalid ansari, rajan bala, kn prabhu…….bring me back those days…. Watched the last test match that was played at the Brabourne stadium, played at the Wankhede (well, actually played on the grounds of Wankhede when it was still being built & was not yet called Wankhede as there was no boundary between the Univ stadium & Wankhede) TV has changed it all what with action replays, ultra slow motion, replays for no balls, the advent of 20/20 etc; & who could forget World Cup 2003, esp the spaghetis (not the food variety, but the Mandira type!!!) Also who can forget the match at Headingley in 1983 when the stupid Brits forgot to record one of the most memorable innings ever played in the history of one day cricket & any World Cup – saadda “Palmolive da jawab nahin” Kapil Dev & 175 n.o. Against Zimbabwe……. Nostalgia all over again……..

    1. Swagatam! nice to see you here, bejoy! i wanted to do a longer piece but a friend recently told me that i write toooo much and to keep things concise! not that i listen to people 😛 but thought i’d make a start. let the world cup begin and we’ll have a ball on FB 🙂

  3. Rekhs that’s exactly the way I feel too. There was a time when Pappa and Amma did not know head or tail about cricket. We three kids gave they their first commentary so to say and then there was no turning back. Fast-forward a few years and I remember ma glued in front of the TV when cricket was on whereas for me I join your team in the Zen state. My son is yet to understand the meaning of all this and till that time ignorance is bliss It is!!!!!!! ;-).

  4. Hey rekha, your post on cricket brought back all those cricket memories. Very true, I remember how at home once my mom, bro and me bust the TV as we were so engrossed watching cricket during a rainy season with thunder and lightening busting our TV. And I had a mad crush on Azharuddin. Though not so aware of the game rules like you. I still remember your knwoledge in cricket. 🙂
    Now, like you am also in a zen state. Have no clue whats happening. And would rather watch bollywood stars promoting chips and cars, and not cricketers.

  5. Hey Rekha,
    Guess there are many of us who are wallowing in the ‘Lost Charm of Cricket’. Miss the days of simple yet exhilarating cricket. Loved the post!

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