Honestly, when I began blogging last year, I never thought I’d last even a month! Given my penchant for losing interest in projects long before mid-way stage, I’m surprised at myself. And so, I allow myself a little pat on the back for completing a year! Yes, only for that!

Yeah, often I’ve wanted to get out of the ‘writing for a living’ rut that I sometimes get into (I love my job, no doubt about that!) and blogging seemed to be the best outlet. I discovered that I could write about anything I liked. And that was something, wasn’t it?

Sweet Somethings as the name goes, was not always feel-good. There were some raves and rants; some free advice; some heart-felt issues, lots of digs at the brat and of course, tons of nostalgia. Yes, I am emotional, sentimental and nostalgic… and pour it all out here.

I’ve not done much of networking for people to come and post their comments on the blog. But the people who make their appearance mean a lot to me – their comments, insights, appreciation and yes, their love. And I know most of them – they are my dear friends who know how much their feedback means to me and so always leave a comment at the end of every post. Thank you, you guys know who you are!

There’s lots more I want to write. Sometimes the thoughts dry up… and I go for days without writing anything. But then I understand, writers’s block is a given. So each, time, I’ve been back, with a bang or not, you have to tell me.

Please continue to indulge me by visiting Sweet Somethings… There’ll be the usual stuff and since I’ve invested in a DSLR, some photo-essays too 🙂 Do, do comment… the brickbats are as welcome as the bouquets!


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