Accio (A spell to bring an object back into your hand)
This should be my life-saver. Consider the fact that I don’t know what is where in the house, it’ll be like the Ctrl + F many times over. Can it please help me find that flash drive that has all the PDFs of my articles? Or that green Fab India kurta which gives off enough colour to dye another piece of clothing?

Obliviate (Makes a person oblivious, erasing their memories of the event)
# Most useful when you have just made a foot-in-the-mouth statement.
# Extra helpful when old ‘maamis’ relive their childhood memories of you hiding behind your mother’s pallu or some such inane thing in front of the brat.

Legilmens (A spell to extract memories and feelings from another person)
This one, me likes! And you don’t need a reason why!

Locomotor (The spell causes something to move in a given direction.)
This one comes in very useful at international airports and long-haul flights. Especially if you have a child who refuses to carry his luggage. On a more practical note, it’d help all the school kids of today to carry their luggage (read school bag) to school!

Nox (A spell to cause darkness)
This one to use at those times of the day when I am bored, listless and sleepy. Which is like, all the time! Nox, and voila, day turns into night and you can snooze without feeling guilty that it’s still daylight outside.

Muffiato (A spell that fills the ears of anyone nearby with buzzing, so that conversations are not overheard)
Very useful while passing on some gossip. In the absence of wizarding powers, we use Marathi instead, a language only few of us in office understands. For Arabic-speakers, please note Muffiato is redundant! Simple, none of us understand anything to do with Arabic.

Silencio (A spell to cause something (or someone) to become silent.)
# Extremely handy during press conferences when people drone on and on and on…
# Something I’d do to make people stop singing along or talk non-stop at music concerts. For God’s sake, you’re not_______ (add favourite musician’s name) and I did not pay to listen to you!
# For ramblers, read interviewees who love talking about themselves. For God’s sake, who has the time to transcribe a 90-minute interview?
# Again, also to practise on the husband when he reminds me like for the millionth time that I have forgotten to do this or that.

Portus (The spell creates a portkey that allows you to move from one destination to another easily)
Sigh! How I wish I could just touch that coffee mug in front of me and it would take me home to India. I’d have dinner there and just come back in time for the brat’s homework!


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