My first attempt at short fiction. My colleague Sush says it’s shocking because my writing is normally ‘happy’ and ‘feel-good’…

Unfinished business – 1

She was the dutiful daughter-in-law. With a domineering mother-in-law who ruled her life with that proverbial iron fist. She dictated when to wake up in the morning, when to eat, when to sleep, how to cook, what to cook and most importantly how to treat her son. In the larger scheme of things, her diktat to have a daily ‘hair bath’ would seem a minor aberration…. But Uma had bum-length hair and found it a chore to wash her hair daily and then there were those constant colds and coughs. She found a way out. She went into the bathroom every morning, had her bath and then wound a slightly moist towel over her hair and shaped it into a bun. She remained this way for the next four hours! Her first act of rebellion! A wicked smile began to take shape… Yes, there was more to come! Much like unfinished business!

Unfinished business – 2

She had the veneer of being the well-mannered, ‘always ready with a kind word and smile’ girl. Yes, she was good to the point of being a prude. Little did people know that she swore like a sailor… when she was sore! Only she and her mirror knew it. She in fact, got a kick out of it – a sort of multiple- personality disorder, only hers was not a disorder. Her swearing was like punching a bag in private to work out a sweat. And feel good! But last night was the limit. How could she smile her way through what was clearly a barrage of insults? @### U, @&^%%$$ U – she wrote again and again in her daily journal. Much like unfinished business.


10 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. i take back what i said about becoming a photographer. think of becoming i writer and get a book published. and u already have the marketing agent ready 🙂

  2. can relate to both, rekha!! i actually did that with my mum-in-law..coz am not used to washing my hair everyday..and thts a ritual with instead of getting into issues i used to just sprinkle some water on my hair.. after getting ready..and come down pretending i had a hair bath. tht was indeed my first act of rebellion! now ofcourse am no longer the shy and quiet daughter-in-law..i can..and do tell her how am not comfortable with tht. 🙂
    and yes for all my sweet, shy and good girl image..i can swear too..if u push me beyond limits!! :-)) i sure hope thts not a multiple personality disorder! ok..confession time over…must tell u i loved it! great piece of work!

    1. gosh namita, this is in fact a story of an ex-colleague of mine! yeah. sometimes assertion is important. u and swear? i don’t believe it. yeah, sometimes i swear too… and the first time i said the F word, people actually clapped, i was soooo embarassed! thanks and really appreciate your feedback!

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