# Went on a week’s visit to India, all alone in January. Attended Kochi sasthapreethi after 11 long years. Met the entire horde of cousins. Reconnected with old neighbours and childhood friends. Was pampered to the hilt by the aunt.
# My home in India was renovated and it was just the way I wanted it. As I lit the lamp in the new puja room for the first time, my eyes were moist with tears.
# Went on a junket to another country apart from Dubai. Reconnected with AM from Qatar. Had loads of fun in Beirut! Could say that I got rid of the fear of flying, alone!
# Went to Abu Dhabi for a GE Health conference. Met old college friends Rajesh and Deepak and their families. Had a whale of a time with Manasi and Manav.
# Pulled off a big function, the brat’s upanayanam. Braved the husband’s ‘forever tense’ moments. Had a gala time with cousins, nieces and nephews.
# Met school friends, Belinda, Arshia, Zarine, Namrata and Namita, some of them after 15 years. Had a riot at CCD… promised to keep in touch and still do. Looking forward to the batch reunion in 2011.
# Met three college friends… it was the season of reunions.
# Re-discovered a different sense of spirituality. Started attending weekly bhajans. I am sure it will hold me in good stead in the coming years.
# Got a promotion and a raise at work. Happy to be ‘understood’ and lauded.
# Successfully persuaded the kid brother to pursue higher studies and do MCA.
# Got out of the ‘writing for a living’ rut and started this blog. Went off Twitter.
# Friends have always been there, but 2010 has been the year when friendships took on new meanings. You know who you are, so thanks a ton for being there, whenever I needed you!


# Stressed myself out at work for more than eight months of the year. Took on huge workloads. Cribbed, whined and cried! Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past!
# Was deeply hurt by one person’s behaviour. But have moved on…
# Spent less time at home… especially with the brat. Major mommy guilt still happening!
# Didn’t do a thing about the piling pounds! Ate normally but never exercised.
# Lost interest in cooking, my passion, my therapy. The last couple of months have been better!
# Expected too much from people, especially my loved ones, to the point of being overbearing. Thankfully, am learning to let go!

After finishing this list, I notice that the not-so-happy moments include some action taken, at some point in time.

So on that optimistic note, I bid adios to 2010 and say hola to 2011.
Happy New Year, folks! May the New Year bring with it all the happiness and love you deserve!


2 thoughts on “2010 – Reflections

  1. May the New Year bring love, laughter, books, movies, good grades (for amrit), more hike, some junket, a helpful maid, great dishes (for me and kishor), story ideas, and much much much much much more.

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