# Hectic is an understatement when it comes to work, especially in the past two months. Two back-to-back specials on top of regular work. Spent a record 17 hours in a day at work last week and still living to tell the tale. Yeah, we take ‘All in a Day’s Work’ rather too seriously!

# Must have done something good in my past life to have a great team working with me. Tell me, which Senior Art Director would like to listen to me reminding myself, that too loudly, ‘I have to go to the loo!’ many times during the day. For the record, he never stopped me from going to the loo, that is! Forget hard work, we rallied together and that’s what matters, not even the spicy samosas or the avocado milkshakes 🙂

# Navaratri passed by in a blur. I made house visits like a doctor does these days – very few and far between. My bff made up for my lack of enthusiasm – gracefully accepting invitations left, right and centre and hmpppf, revelling in it!

# The brat is taking my lack of attendance at home very well. He has a simple solution. He scoots off to his uncle’s place and enjoys my absence thoroughly. Can’t blame him!

# Had a ROFL moment at the brat’s Parent-Teacher’s meet yesterday. Teacher: ‘Amrit, now that I know you are Tamilian, I can also scream at you in Tamil.’ I thought the slip in grades would warrant huge advice from the teachers. But all the brat got was praise for being the ‘good boy’ he was, that too from every teacher we met! Bah! Modern teachers!

# Life races by! And when there’s no time to even breathe, what keeps one going is that little clap or applause or a sense of appreciation for work done. I was touched when a friend forwarded the previous post by e-mail to more than 50 of his friends. Another one wrote in saying that she forwarded it to a lot of her women friends as well. A lot of people came forward and commended us on the special on Breast Cancer Awareness in the magazine; readers, survivors and even doctors! Moments like these make the pain really really worthwhile! Thanks friends!


6 thoughts on “My life in the present in bullet points

  1. Rekha, loads of my mom’s friend also loved the Breast Cancer Awareness Special!! You guys did an awesome job! 🙂

    Ps – you had avocado milkshake w/o moi! *sob*

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