# A remote where you just type in what you need to find around the house. Ctrl F and it beeps you the location of a missing sock, a salary slip from last year, a piece of ginger from the mound of vegetables in the refrigerator or even that proverbial needle in my dressing table drawer.

# A transcription machine or gadget that transcribes lengthy interviews and even writes a skeleton of the story. All I would then need is to just go through once, add a few touches here and there and give a headline and intro.

# A machine programmed to cut vegetables according to the size you need. Now, for South Indian cooking, you need a nifty and creative pair of hands as well. The machine should be able to be programmed for aviyal and out will come juliennes and for that cabbage thoran, finely chopped pieces and for olan, perfect and equal slices… Now that would be a real life-saver in the kitchen.

#  With no household help, the amount of clothes that accumulate on the spare bed, the spare chairs and the brat’s study table would put a dhobi ghaat to shame. The brat would agree that his room is the laundry room or sorts. Now, what I need is a machine that would neatly fold these clothes, sort them into mine, the husband’s and the brat’s and make their way into individual cupboards. Well, for want of exercise, I’ll leave out the ironing bit and continue to do them myself.

# A mail system that reads, deciphers and answers mails accordingly. Considering the fact that we need to send at least 50 mails a day, this would be a huge boon. Now, how this will be possible, I really don’t know!!!

# A machine programmed to answer the brat’s innumerable questions. All he would need to do is ask the question to the machine and he gets an instant answer. But I wonder what the machine would do if the brat asks, ‘What’s for dinner?” 🙂

Now, tell me what would make your life easier?


8 thoughts on “In my multi-tasking world, a gadget wish-list that would make life much easier…

  1. I want all of that especially one that transcribes and does the skeleton of the story. But you are super when it comes to transcribing.

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