# It’s been a long time since I blogged. Simple! Too much writing at work translates into neglect of the blog!!

# The brat has been sick and the husband has been sick. And I have been super sick. Went to the doc so many times in a week that everyone at KIMS Hospital now recognises me by my cough! I like the service, super slick, quick and efficient. And the best thing, it’s just a two-minute walk downhill for me!

# Practised my Gujarati and Marathi-understanding (and eavesdropping) skills on my visits to the hospital. A Gujarati group held raging discussions on whether KIMS was a Mallu hospital and why Malayalis were so enterprising. While I chuckled! The Marathi group spoke of food, of kadhis and khichdis that made me drool, yes, even in the antibiotic-induced haze…

# Was in Dubai for 24 hours for the launch of the new Nokia N8. Smart phone launch attended by not-so-smart people! The questions asked by journalists were way lengthier than the answers. Journalists today seem to think they can make statements on everything… Asking sensible questions is a thing of the past, I think!

# Again, I was an endangered specie when it came to food! Not a single item on the menu except for the disgustingly freezing cold salads was vegetarian!!! So much so for someone calling vegetarianism a growing fad… Maybe that is what it is… just a fad. While true-blue vegetarians like us suffer… in the company of sliced aubergines swimming in tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese! Fancy Italian??? Bah! Gimme my thayir saadam and avakkai any day!

# Another Emirate. Another Sri Lankan driver. And an endless stream of conversation. Thankfully, this one was serious. On the plight of housemaids and labour in the Gulf… And why the Gulf is really not a dream! It’s the same old story!


13 thoughts on “My life in the present, in bullet points

  1. Remembered the goat cheese sandwich that both of us got at Beirut… i will never forget the expression on your face when they gave us the food and the royal fall i had… so much for junkets 🙂

    1. awww! suze, you are so sweet… and when will you start writing present perfect??? or do you want me to send you scanned images of the column from old Thursday magazines? tell me, will do that too!!!

  2. :)Vegetarians are always on the receiving end:)

    The good news about being a non-vegetarian is that you get to eat both types of food.

    I am sorry to hear that you and everyone else in the family too wasn’t well…hope you’ve all recuperated now:)

    I’ll visit again…right now, need to rush.


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