Nothing sets the adrenaline rushing than being at a well-contested quiz. Having grown up debating (I’d call it out-shouting the competition) and quizzing, any kind of quiz has me sitting on the edge, chewing my nails desperate for the right answer to enter my brain. Being in Muscat has only carried the passion further but I am no longer in the hot seat; I prefer to be a mute spectator (mute because I can hardly answer anything these days!).

The brat is into quizzing, big-time! Thanks to a wonderful duo whose weekly classes taught him learning is fun. A rocking class where the kids could speak their mind, debate, argue and have loads of fun in the process. Where you got called ‘cutie pie’, ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ by the second! A class that taught the brat everything from The Beatles to Coco Chanel – no subject was out of bounds! What were boundless however, were the unbridled energy and the enthusiasm for knowledge.

Now since the brat has outgrown the classes and is on the school quiz team, I am the officially designated teacher. Make it official ‘answerer’. Which means, I am also ‘officially’ tested on the patience front. I am supposed to be a walking encyclopaedia, trivia queen, news gatherer and still be a patient ‘mum’.  Now that’s asking for too much! And add to that, two more friends and expectations now run very high. So spare time finds me not in the kitchen but reading the newspaper, page to page (Amma, you did not know that the official anthem of the Commonwealth Games was released yesterday?), look up the Internet for trivia (Amma, Mahesh Bhupathi did not start playing tennis at the Sheraton Oman courts, but at the Indian Social Club. Get your facts right! This one at 11pm when I am half-way into REM sleep!) or even going through the fat Thesaurus! (Amma, the right words to use here is not helter-skelter but pell-mell!!!)

The friends do not lag behind in making me feel outdated. An eight-year-old retails the entire story of how Edward Cullen is a vampire who falls in love with a human being called Bella before I can even think ‘Twilight’! Another one looks at me with disgust when I say I do not know that Saina Nehwal was ranked World No. 2.

I think it must be something to do with the brat telling the whole world that I’m a journalist. And therefore, it is a given that I should know EVERYTHING!

So I must live up to my so-called reputation. And start learning! To know SOMETHING at least!

Must ‘fess I’m actually enjoying it. Origami, ikebana, Hannah Montana, Romania, English Premier League, aerospace… and yeah, Goosebumps and some website to do with Penguins!! It has opened up a whole new world for me!

But will doing all these get me to be part of the crowd? I have serious doubts on that one!

Amma, you’re a grown-up, for God’s sake!

Whatever the generation, some things never change!


7 thoughts on “Learning is fun

  1. Rekha,
    You had me in splits with that one:) I was never good at quizzes, but I loved to watch them on TV. I think I agree with your son – you are a journalist and you should know everything. I’d expect journalists to know everything too…actually, they do know everything…or they seem to know everything:)
    I am losing my marbles and they are running off in all directions right here on your blog!
    – Paarijaat.

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