Saw this tag going around in a few blogs. For a change, I will take a break from nostalgia and list out some of my favourite songs. But there are slices of nostalgia… here too! Can I really break away?

Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam (Dilli Ka Thug)

Kishore Kumar is one of my all-time favourites. I can claim to know every song sung by him. The lyrics are simple and soulful. One can picture the flowing river, the light breeze and the union of two souls.

Rimjhim Gire Saawan (Manzil)

One of my absolute ‘rain’ favourites! Another soul-stirring Kishore Kumar song.

Suttum Vizhi Chudar dhan Kannamma (Kandukondein Kandukondein)

Hariharan replicates Bharathi’s poetry in his melodious voice. I do not understand classical Tamil well, but did look up the meaning of the lyrics. They are simply lovely… Can anyone beat this?  Solai malaroliyo unatha sundarapunnagai than, Neela kadal alaiye – Unnathu Nenjin Alaigal Adi (your beautiful smile echoes the brightness of the flowers in the garden; Your love is like the blue ocean waves!)

 Aise Ne Mujhe Tum Dekho (Darling Darling)

I like the pep and beat of this song. Kishore strikes again! (I should’ve done my favourite Kishore songs instead of this one!)

 Kanne Kalaimaane (Moonram pirai)

There is no lullaby… I repeat no lullaby to beat this one. Those who understand Tamil and are die-hard fans of SPB will agree!

 Ennavale Ennavale (Kadhalan)

Again, for the sheer romance the lyrics exude and the melody. Unnikrishnan’s soft and lilting brings out the romance like no other.

Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar)

This Udit Narayan song is a favourite from college days. Brings back memories of dancing to this song with friends.

Kaneer Poovinte (Kireedam)

M.G. Sreekumar brings on the tears. And how!

Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho (Arth)

 Jagjit Singh weaves heart and soul with lyrics that tug at the heart-strings!

Tere Bin (Bas Ek Pal)

The only Atif Aslam song I like. And I liked it only after I heard it live. The concert on a cool winter evening at Seeb beach made it worth every moment!

Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji (Ishqiya)

I can put it on Play mode for like, ever! Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Gulzar… what an incredible combo! Dilsa Koi Kameena Nahi… Really!

Eleven is really not a ‘round’ number! And this is not a complete list. Will keep updating as I keep humming!







9 thoughts on “My favourite songs

  1. Lovely list – a good mix – maybe u nd to listen to “Ajeeb Dastan hai yeh” & picturize the boat sailing down river with Meena Kumari in her white sari (another sari!!) singing to Nadira gloating over Rajkumar……… Kishore singing “Aa chal ke tujhe main leke chalun ik aise gagan ke tale”……. the list is endless, but u hv good choice ……..

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