# IST is well, Indian Standard Time… For a 3pm meet, I reached Muscat Standard Time, that is 15 minutes early. Within five minutes, our friend Belinda also true to MST arrived… We spent a jolly half-an-hour snobbishly complaining about ‘lazy Indians’ and ‘noisy traffic’. As Muscateers, we are not completely immune to a little gossip J

# If this is the changing face of Cochin, we lived in the wrong century! Waiting for my friends at Café Coffee Day, Ernakulam, my eyes literally popped out when I saw two youngsters hugging (yeah, yeah, a boy and a girl!) and getting real close. Not that I am a prude or anything, but I did NOT expect this in Cochin of all places. Belinda claims she saw me with my head in my hands not knowing where to look. And that folks, is a LIE!

#  Girth, the amount of it, horizontally is a hot topic at all ages! Thankfully, only the two of us could be classified into the ‘can go back and fit into the school uniform’ category. One claimed that she has put on oodles of weight but we couldn’t find out where… so left it at that. The other three of us merrily joked about being in the ‘healthy’ category. And but, real sports, we were all!

# No one seems to have lost their sense of humour. Move over, Generation X or Y or Z, we had our fun… and we’ll keep having it too! And we’ll laugh like there’s no tomorrow…. And yes, you can continue to keep staring at us… and go green with envy.

# One of us… (you know who) is a trainer of great repute and can be quite intimidating! The poor CCD staff apart from serving us our coffees had to answer a few questions out of context as well. Just kidding Namu, you rock!

# The decibel levels all six of us could muster could put a Dolby Stereo Sound system (I would like to snobbishly say Bang & Olufsen) to shame! The higher the volume went, the folks at CCD turned up the volume of their crappy music. But that did not deter us, and we shamelessly carried on…

# Twenty-one years hence, it was not about who’s doing what, who’s successful or not, husbands or even children… it was reliving the fun and camaraderie, the recollections, the memories… and being school girls all over again! The ability to reconnect… in an instant and beginning where we left off years ago, in the same spirit of fun was awesome!

Let’s all go and KNOCK WOOD!


8 thoughts on “When school friends meet…

  1. hey Rekhs !!!

    awesome, awesome is the word. the green monster has got the better of me now!!! but ya, just as u put it, i can keep going green with envy. it wud not make much of a difference to you’ll….anyways all said n done, sooo…happy for u guys..must’ve been a well deserved break and one where all of you cud break free…..!!!!
    Thank u soo much for puttin this up. I cud just visualise every unfolding event that must’ve taken place at CCday…thanks.

  2. Oh Gosh I so agree with Tanya!!! I am so UPSET with myself for having missed this… But Rekhs you must promise me you will come back next year and I promise you we’ll do this again… Miss you guys and yep, after 21 years, all I would wanna do is ‘bond’ too….

    And you write so well darling… Wanna read MORE….

    Luv and hugs

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