# The brat’s upanayanam (thread ceremony) was the highlight of this year’s vacation. It was a grand renunion as well.

# The weather played sport throughout. It was cloudy, cool and pleasant with occasional bursts of rain.

# The entire girl brigade went to the beauty salon across the road to apply henna before the function. We waited and waited to cross the road to get back home… and could do so only until the policeman from the Flying Squad stationed across the road intervened and stopped traffic to let us pass. Before we could say thanks, came the comment, directed at a sister-in-law, “In this old age, why do you have to take all this trouble to apply henna?” We felt like collectively smearing the henna all over his face.

# I or rather my over-the-years acquired girth was the butt of my cousins’ constant jokes and repartees. My cousin Kartik’s first reaction on seeing me was ‘Kaunsa Chakki ka atta kha rahi ho’ and then it was ‘Tu frame mein fit hi nahi ho rahi hai’. Since it was not the appropriate place and time to show my wild side, I saved the reactions for later. Also, some Chennai Superkings goodies from him soothened the feelings a bit.

# I also met my cousin’s son after 15 years and hit off like we never lost touch. His memories of me were rather cute… he around eight or ten years old and me around 20 taking him on  rides on my Sunny. I laughed and smiled a lot!

# The nephews and nieces enjoyed themselves to the hilt. We played Antakshari, listened to songs, made fun of each other and had loads of fun. Will beat up anyone who says that the ‘new generation’ is detached, unemotional and selfish.

#  The brat, for the record, reserved his millions of questions for later… and did not interrupt the ceremony even once. Now, yes, the questions are coming and how!

# Also put a face to a name… One of the regular commenters on my blog who also comes from the place I grew up attended the function as well. It was an exhilarating feeling…

# With less than a month to go… I am already dreading the thought of going back… Indeed, there’s no place like home!

# And before I forget, let me sing my round of paeans for Omantel broadband. BSNL sucks, big-time!


9 thoughts on “In India…

  1. Thanks for the comments. It was indeed a homely feeling during the occasion. Instead of rushing back to my office, I could taste the special lunch after the ceremony.

  2. reha,
    cute one. I throughly enjoyed reading it. i knew the questions would be coming. Kishor was keen on knowing what he did.

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