Another year, another journey with the brat! Not that he is a terrible child or anything, but flying with him without the husband really gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Here’s why!

# My first flight with the brat was when he was just three months old. I was flying from Cochin to Muscat on the then lone weekly Air-India flight. And the Kandahar hijacking had to happen just then. The airport was like a fortress and we went through numerous checks and scans at 5am in the morning.

# Late night departures, early-morning flights and the long queues at immigration are not the brat’s cup of tea. I have physically carried him and waited in line at passport control till he turned four. Thankfully, some person behind me in the line has always entertained him!

# From the time, the brat learnt to read, he devours the emergency manual as if it is a matter of life and death. Not that it is a bad thing. But voicing his thoughts out aloud as to what ‘would happen if we land on water’ or ‘show me the oxygen mask’ are not taken too kindly by fellow passengers.

# Scene: Cochin International Airport. We are in the no-man’s zone between immigration and security check as we landed up at the airport bright and early. The four-year-old brat decides he wants to go to the loo which is now accessible only at the departure lounge. He happily goes with the airport staff with his passport in his pocket (I am not allowed for some silly reason to accompany him!) and comes back with a huge grin and ‘I checked the loo… it is clean’. All the while, my heart was in my mouth!

# His hunger pangs increase in direct proportion to the time spent in the Departure lounge. Never mind, if the sandwiches are soggy, the vadas are oily and the whole stuff is overpriced, he is always hungry at any airport.

# At Muscat International Airport, the brat’s ‘Salaam Alaikum’ is always greeted with warmth. Much exchange of pleasantries happens at passport control here. At Cochin Airport, his ‘Good mornings’ are greeted with grunts. Which almost always provokes him to say loudly, ‘Can’t even say good morning!’

So we are off on yet another annual holiday in another three days. Yes, me and the brat alone. At 10, let me see if this journey is going to be any different.

Cheerio, folks! Blogging may be sporadic but will nevertheless happen from time to time. Take care. Be safe!


6 thoughts on “Flying with the brat…

  1. Welcome to ‘God’s own country’. If you see rubbish and feel the nausating smell, then pl bear with us, because God has taken a break from his country.

    Happy flying…

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