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I spoke on this and then some to some of the women in my life quite recently.

Best friend, MN (age 36) : I speak to her atleast twice a day. Today, it was about an advertising event she attended and how advertising guru Prahlad Kakkar, was not as good as the others. Then, the usual maid problems (I still have no maid!), her visit to Brussels in June and the conversations continue over the phone.

Colleague, DR (age 32): On all things work… especially deadlines… and how we’d like to run away from it all! Yeah, the end-of-the-month madness does this to us! We also spoke on stand-up comedy acts, thayir saadam (all of us generally bond over food!) and the blistering heat.

Sis-in-law RR (age 52): On preparations for a big impending function in the family. And why I wanted another nine-yard saree which I am going to wear only once in five years.

Doctor family friend (age 65+): Reluctantly admitted that I was a fool and she was right. Yes, I should have done those tests a long time ago. And yes, I am a journalist, and go about advising people in my stories and rarely follow what I preach 🙂 Boy, this is one lecture I am willing to forget!

Family friend PP (age 35+): Why in this rat race of life, it is good to be spiritual. And why we need to pass on the same values to our children as well.

Erstwhile trainee AB (age 20): On why she chose appalling magenta to streak her hair with. Also, her forever changing career plans and should I write that recommendation?

Freelancer (age 21): Fashion, entertainment, NYU and story ideas.



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