# Flew business class for the first time. Not much pampering when it came to food. We vegetarians are a neglected lot, on ground and on air… The few pieces of pasta swimming in tomato sauce were unpalatable.

# The Fairmont staff who came to receive me at the airport had a placard which had my name and my mother’s name on it. He would have waited until eternity for the missing person if I’d not shown him my passport and pointed it out.

# Tell me, people, is there anything on my face that propels people to start a long conversation at the drop of a hat? Pleasantries are okay but entire life history, I do not digest. The Fairmont driver apart from pointing out the different sights (yeah at 9.30 pm all I could see was the darkness outside), also launched into his own autobiography with snippets that ranged from the Sri Lankan war to his sisters in Ajman to why I should definitely visit Sri Lanka. By the end of the 20 minute drive to the hotel, I had enough stuff to write a short story on him.

# Met a classmate and friend after 12 long years. The signs of the Gulf (I’d like to call it prosperity) were visible on both of us. Yeah, we have horizontally expanded to terrifying proportions.

# The meeting with two of my friends transported me back to 15 years ago and college. And I’m glad they have not changed a bit. The same brand of Malayalam, the same old jokes, sarcasm and in an instant, the reconnect happened. It seemed like we’d never left college.

# My friends dropped me at the airport with just ten minutes to spare. As they dodged the radars (cameras) and sped through the highway, I was subjected to mental torture, college style. With every turning, the airport, according to them, was farther and farther away. I stopped looking at the time and heaved a sigh of relief as we turned into Terminal 1!

# Moral of the story: Some friends never change… and I’d have it no other way!


8 thoughts on “Some insights from a recent 24-hour trip to Abu Dhabi

  1. So you flew business class (instead of the ‘cow’ class, as termed of one of the ex-union ministers). I know one of your friends. Is this the same friend you were talking about?

    1. no. i did not meet rejani. did not have her number… these were two of my college friends with whom I am in regular touch. i had a couple of hours to spare, so one of them picked me up and later dropped me at the airport! will meet rejani next time.

  2. Ah! Another post on friends. We are a blessed lot to have such lovely friends!
    As for the vegetarian food, I think Oman Air is far better than most. On a couple of my journeys with Oman Air in the recent past, I requested for vegetarian food and it turned out to be really good!
    Great read, Rekha!

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