# I hopped into a taxi after a long time this morning. The fare was a rial. I had a ten rial note and nine hundred baisas in change. I apologetically offered the choice to the elderly Omani driver. He smiled and took the nine hundred baisas and said in broken English. “This, no problem. You have nice day. And see you next time!” Cute!

# The Omantel building compound (or it is the Post Office?) in CBD has the konnapoo (laburnum flowers) in full bloom. It is indeed nature’s way of saying that you are blessed to live in a land that reminds you so much of your own home.

# I waved at a few children on their way to school this morning. Yeah, at 6.15 am, they were chirpy and full of plans for the day, talking animatedly of becoming a Blossom. (the brat educated me that a Blossom was a Prefect in primary school!) Reminded me of my morning walks to college where I’d wave to cute, little children off to school in cycle-rickshaws.

# We recently went off-roading, up-up-up-hill on the road to Qantab, sights I’d never seen before! Up there, at the highest point, looking down at the aquamarine sea was an awesome experience. I just wanted to sit there, and do, well, nothing. And since, as my colleagues, reminded me I could possibly not do ‘nothing’, I could simply carry my laptop along… The monstrosity of a modern mobile tower was close at hand. Heh! Heh! I do have a reputation, don’t I?

# The brat is back in full form. When I informed him that I got a promotion at work, his first reaction was, ‘Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye’ and an impromptu jig. And soon came the dreaded ‘So, are you getting more money?” Well….

(Pics: Jinu Varghese)


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