# Revelled in the luxury of switching off my phone recently for a full three hours. Even if it was on a trip to Ras Al Khaimah and back on the same day.

# Had a wonderful time on the RAK trip with a couple of fellow journalists. The three of us forgot we had to get on a flight when we saw books on bargain sale. The murderous looks we got on the bus will be remembered for a long time to come.

# RAK Airport was small, in a cute sort of way. As ladies, we managed to get the duty-free opened for us and did some shopping. Yay for woman power!

# The world is round… yes… I met an old acquaintance of mine from Muscat as part of the Dubai media at RAK airport. Went down memory lane and exchanged new gossip. And the usual, promised to keep in touch.

# Lots of enlightenment happening in life. I am glad I finally understand what makes certain people… not tick!

# The brat is unusually obedient… and so all grown-up like! And that’s no fun! Perhaps, he does not want to be made fun of in bullet points. Is probably looking for an entire post 🙂

# The countdown to going home on holiday has begun. In direct proportion, the panic attacks have increased 🙂


3 thoughts on “My life in the present… in bullet points

  1. If summer comes, can JUNE be far behind. So plan your break in hometown. Eager meet all of you.

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