The ‘maami’ species that existed some 20 years ago is almost extinct. Today’s ‘maamis’ talk of their NRI son in Montana and Hannah Montana in the same breath. And are not averse to what were once called ‘inter-caste’ marriages… They are as informative about GPA scores as they are of Dr Spock. So, I miss the species that was called ‘maami’ and the ‘maami-isms’ that existed a couple of decades ago. Here’s a fond remembrance!

Good Tambrahm girls should learn to sing. So that they can atleast sing during the bride-seeing ceremony.

Oh! I did sing… all those chirpy SPB and melancholy Mukesh songs in my hoarsest voice so much so that my friends said that I needed mouth plugs to go along with the Sony Walkman they gifted me. Bride-seeing? The husband and if I remember right, discussed a little bit of cricket, some advertising and lot on Muscat. Thank God, no one asked me to sing… otherwise I’d have still been single.

 Good girls gossiped. And they received special training in the art…

Yeah, in the street where my grandparents stayed, the ‘maamis’ and the ‘girls’ would huddle together in the morning and evening for fresh rounds of gossip. Remember, those were the days before satellite television, Sun TV and ‘Kolangal’. And every opportunity to gossip was never wasted… Had I stayed there, I would have made a better journalist. Who, What, Why, Where, How… they knew everything!

 Good girls never spoke to boys. My grand-daughters are like that…

Yeah, yeah… and the same grand-daughters have all eloped and got married. Sweet justice!

 Good girls should know to cook… for a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Ha! Ha! Have I proved that and well? Though I cook reasonably well, it’s the husband who presently reigns in the kitchen. What a role-reversal?

 Good girls always listened. They never asked questions.

Well, they didn’t reckon that I’d grow up to be a champion debater. I questioned every superstition that had no scientific meaning. I continue to do so…

 Good girls chose traditional careers… like teaching.

Yeah… and they only worked until they got married or had children. When I joined advertising, they were very curious. ‘So you write the lines that come in ads? What’s so difficult about that?’ Now, that I am in journalism, I do realise what’s difficult about that?  🙂

 Any of you remember more ‘maami-isms’? Kindly enlighten…


7 thoughts on “Missing ‘maamis’ and ‘maami-isms’

  1. Good one. You said it.

    ‘Maami’ies are becoming extinct now-a-days. A rare species now. Come to Mattancherry, anyone can see good old ‘maamies. Recently, to be exact on 24th of Mar, I was fortunate to welcome a maami from Mattancherry. She was so kind hearted and on a single glance (of course with full of love and affection) my one year daughter went to her and started doing all sorts of tricks. Eventhough 65+ she was ‘choosth’ and ‘thadurus’

  2. The jealousy about the pattu podavai possessions of ” Adhithathu Ambhujam” is a exclusive preserve of the mammis. And the salary of the friend’s ” Athukarar” is a constant topic for speculation.

    Nice one, this blog.


  3. Adutha aathu ambujam.Kewl.Today it has become more diversified.From Pattu Podavai all the way to Porsche.

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