A few years back, I wrote that the best lessons are learnt in the offline world… I would like to eat my words… because it’s simple – when the online world spills over into the offline… anything can happen… You can move mountains to make things happen and take your ideas onto the seas as well…

 And that’s precisely what an enterprising bunch of tweeps from Oman spearheaded by the indomitable Sangeetha Sridhar (@SangitaSri)… did. The lady with the never-say-die-spirit acted upon a suggestion by another fellow tweep Kishor Cariappa (@kishorcariappa) and thus the idea of Oman Twestival was conceived. There was no gestation period, however, and in just five days, 127 tweeps were aboard the Hormuz, the fastest catamaran in the world, showing their solidarity for cause, ‘Education for underprivileged children’. Thanks to a  vibrant and enthused group that made this happen…

 Yup, no tweet meets on terra firma for us… we were on the sea, and ably aided by Omantel, tweeting and streaming alive to the world that Oman Twestival was different. There were raffles and prizes galore, a wonderful musical fusion between the oud and the guitar, a thought-provoking short film and much more. There was no strict formal agenda… the tweeps did as they liked and enjoyed themselves immensely in the bargain. And in the end, the result was there for all to see. 1,350 rials to the cause!

 What moved me most on board the Hormuz on March 25 was the camaraderie… Media, non-media, sponsors, tweeps and non-tweeps were cracking jokes, checking up IPL scores and thoroughly enjoying themselves. On the deck of the Hormuz, it was wonderful to feel the wind beating down my face… watching with awe the fabulous Oman coastline passing us by and doing more than 30 tweets live throughout the evening… in short, revelling in the moment!

 Social media… has become a much-derided term these days… People often ask, ‘What do you do with 140 characters on Twitter all day… with people you don’t even know!” My take is simple. One need not always put a face to a name to click or connect… to gain knowledge… however inane or serious they may be. As a journalist, I got some interesting stories on and from Twitter… as a tweep, I made a lot of new friends and shared some interesting thoughts.

 A demanding work-schedule means that I am-off Twitter most of the time… but the lessons I learn continue each time I log on… as @rekhabaala


10 thoughts on “Meet. Tweet. Give – Oman Twestival 2010

  1. rekha

    nice to read about the write us

    hope the sacial network will come with some togotherness, cherished memories , and the real kicks for the youngsters tec .

    try to put more efforts to giv inspirations in this regard


  2. You seem to have a good tweeting community there….I have not yet ventured into tweet…I wonder if I will be able to do it, I am still struggling to blog…

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