I hate, I repeat, I hate, I repeat, I hate, I repeat, I hate household chores… Will saying them many times make them go away? Maybe not! But venting my frustrations on being in a domestic rut ever since the maid left for India… will atleast find some sympathisers on this blog… Or so I think!

So here goes:

Ever since the maid left:

# The brat has decided that I should train for the Olympics… in a new category that is… picking up as many bits of paper from the floor… I come home to see the brat’s recently developed artistic tendencies and a new love for studying… all over the floor… The place is strewn with coloured paper and worksheets… and not necessarily in some sane order.

# The brat also has become picky about his food… Never mind, if the maid added 15 green chillies to the pulao… it was ‘super’. My efforts elicit a ‘Oh! No… not idlis again… how can you do that? And you go and write on your blog that you make good paranthas’.

# The cupboards are now dumped with clothes that will spill over and cry ‘Freedom is my birthright’ once I open the door… so haphazardly have they been shoved in.. I have also realised that the family has far too many clothes the poor washing machine or our overtired hands can handle!

# I welcome invitations to lunch and dinner anytime! One more less meal to cook!

# Sweeping and swabbing the floors is not good exercise as I have often been reminded… It’s a pain! The poor body has not been able to take the sudden onslaught… so I often end with every bone and muscle crying. No, at this age, I do not aspire for an hour-glass figure!

# Everytime I go to the terrace to hang dozens of clothes to dry… the place resembles a dhobi ghat. This is also the only time I get to ruminate… Each time, I remember the standard Hindi film dialogue ‘Mere Naseeb Mein Kya Yahi Likha Hai?”

# Subscribing to two dailies was I repeat NOT a bright idea. Especially when Muscat has a number of free weeklies and fortnightlies as well…. Not to mention, the hypermarket flyers shoved under the door every day.

# Also, as an afterthought, which fool struck upon the brilliant idea to have three bathrooms in a two-bedroom flat?


11 thoughts on “Ever since the maid left…

  1. Maid maid maid that is central talking point in every house across the globe. Last month i called one of my journalist friend, siva i wont be able to come today my maid left all of a sudden, another friend maid taking leave without informing. Phone call from sisters staying at chennai, Amma maid said she will not come. Maid maid maid= Mad mad mad

  2. you do not deserve sympathy at all. i do not know about your family background. Instead I will tell about mine. myself and wife, both are working and are reaching home at about 6.00-7.00 pm. we have three children, VIth, LKG and one year old baby. we do not have any maid servants (for the last 8 years or so). infact after shifting to our new home, we didn’t bother to have any maid at all (i know it is more head-ache to us, and will be additional problems over & above the usual ones)

    what we are doing is teach/educate the children to do their routine (sharing of daily routine jobs). You many not believe, my first son (11 years) old sweeps the floor in the evening, does the evening pooja, etc. He keeps his school uniform ready (of course of his younger brother’s also).

    While typing this at 00:58 hrs, I have already spread the washed cloths for drying and put the used ones in the washing machine so that the machine can be put ‘on’ at 5.00 in the morning.

    In short, I mean to say, life is pleasure between two sorrows. So enjoy your routine, take it in a positive manner.

    1. this post was supposed to be written in humour 🙂 nothing serious about it!!!! as journalists, we are on call 24 X 7, our professional lives are not restricted within a 9 to 6 limit… most of the time we are out until 10 or 11 in the night… but that’s another story 🙂 and we still manage to take a positive view!

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