# I thought I could teach any child… until it came to my own… Teaching the brat for his final assessments is a continuing lesson in patience… In the process I also get to build some muscles as well (two-something-packs!)… I can’t remember the number of times the hands went up for a whack and I restrained myself. The neighbour fared no better; if I screamed once every half-hour… she screamed every five minutes. Both the kids claim that the building is hit by an earthquake every time an exam is on!!

 # Will someone gag the brat, please? When a friend informed us that his wife delivered a baby, he immediately asks, “Uncle, was it a normal delivery or Caesarean?” Thank you, Raju Hirani and 3 Idiots!!!

# In another instance, the brat chats online with a family friend’s son who studied at IIT. The brat types, “What was your GPA?” The boy laughed so loudly that the comp was literally shaking (I am as bad as the brat, right?) He said, “8.4.” To that the brat counters, “Good, then you were not a Muggu!”

 # Life without a maid is terrible… I now get nightmares of brooms, dirty pots and pans all the time… The less said about the clothes to be washed, dried… (and what’s even worse), folded and kept inside the cupboards, the better!!!

 # It’s now a known fact… I am addicted to technology. I often wished I could press Ctrl + F to find something missing in the house… That I am going cuckoo was established when I tried to use my office access card to summon the lift.

 # It seems that I have suddenly become a practice board for everyone’s sense of humour. The names I have been called in the last one week include Panda (for wearing a black-and-white T-shirt!), Sarada (after yesteryears Malayalam actress for wearing a puffed-sleeved shirt) and even a ‘beached whale’. I have resorted to non-verbal retaliation; mostly kicks and punches to shut the mouths!

 # On an eventful note, I am looking forward to meeting the Big B in Muscat!!!! Wish it was AB Baby instead… (his sense of humour rocks!) Well if not son, then father will also do!!!!!


10 thoughts on “My life in the present in bullet points – 2

  1. You are surely going through eventful days…it was fun reading them. I have written abt my sunny days, inspired by urs, u got me thinking abt that!

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